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17 best data science bootcamps for boosting your career

Data scientist is the best job in America, according to a survey on Glassdoor, and it consistently makes the top of the list year after year. With a job score of 4.8 out of 5, a median base salary of $110,000 per year and over 4,500 current job openings, it’s a great time to be a data scientist.

But, as the role of data scientist grows in demand, traditional schools aren’t churning out qualified candidates fast enough to fill the open positions. There’s also no clear path for those who have been in the tech industry for years and want to take advantage of a lucrative job opportunity. Enter the bootcamp, a trend that has quickly grown in popularity to train workers for in-demand tech skills.

Here are 17 of the best data science bootcamps, designed to help you brush up on your data skills, with courses for anyone from beginners to experienced data scientists.

The 12 best established data science bootcamps

  • Byte Academy
  • DataCamp
  • The Data Incubator
  • The Data Science Dojo
  • Dataquest
  • Galvanize
  • General Assembly
  • Level
  • Metis
  • NYC Data Science Academy
  • Springboard
  • Thinkful

Byte Academy

Byte Academy offers full-time, part-time and remote programs in data science; and attendees have the option to defer payment until they secure a job after graduating. If you aren’t hired within six months, Byte Academy will refund your full tuition. The full-time course is five days per week for 14 weeks, while the part-time course takes place two evenings per week over 24 weeks. Byte Academy also offers corporate and onsite training for companies and custom corporate training with topics like blockchain and quant-algos.

Switchup rating 4.62
Cost $14,950 for full- and part-time bootcamps, $5,500 for a la carte options. If you aren’t hired within six months after graduation, your tuition will be refunded
Locations New York City, Bangalore and online


DataCamp is entirely online and it’s aimed at professionals who are already working in technology, finance and healthcare. However, anyone interested in data science will benefit from DataCamp’s program. The courses not only teach you the necessary skills, you can also practice and apply those skills to real-world problems through hands-on projects. It’s free to try, but for full access you’ll need to pay a subscription fee.

Switchup rating 4.22
Cost Free with limited access or $29 per month/$25 per year for an unlimited subscription
Locations Online

The Data Incubator

The Data Incubator is an eight-week program aimed at more experienced tech workers with a masters or Ph.D.; fellowships are available for qualifying students. Qualified fellows “already have the 90 percent difficult-to-learn skills” and Data Incubator promises to equip them “with the last 10 percent.” The program also offers students mentorship directly from hiring companies, including LinkedIn, Microsoft and The New York Times, all while they work on building a portfolio to showcase their skills.

Switchup rating 4.71
Cost Free for those accepted
Locations Boston, Washington (D.C.) and online

The Data Science Dojo

With campuses in Seattle, Silicon Valley, Barcelona, Toronto, Washington and Paris, the Data Science Dojo brings quick and affordable data science education to professionals around the world. It’s one of the shortest programs on this list, but in just five days, Data Science Dojo promises to train attendees on machine learning and predictive models as a service, and each student will complete a full IoT project and have the chance to enter a Kaggle competition.

Due to the short nature of the course, it’s tailored to those already in the industry who want to learn more about data science or brush up on the latest skills. However, it’s open to anyone at any skill level — if you’re ready to throw yourself in the trenches of data science.

Switchup rating 4.88
Cost $3,000
Locations Seattle, Silicon Valley, Washington (D.C.), Paris, Chicago, Toronto, New York City, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Austin and Singapore


Dataquest is the most highly rated data science boot camp on review site Switchup, earning near five-star reviews for overall experience, curriculum and job support. Dataquest relies on teaching students through “interactive coding challenges” instead of video lectures, so you will have the chance to code and work with data, while receiving feedback as you go. You can opt for the Data Scientist, Data Engineer or Data Analyst path — each promise to prepare you to jump right into a career in data.

Switchup rating 4.96
Cost Free with limited access, $29 per month for a basic account and $49 per year for a premium account
Locations Online


Galvanize offers a 13-week, full-time data science course that focuses on everything you need to know to become an effective data scientist. You’ll learn the fundamentals of data science, including python, statistics and machine learning through real-world case studies. The course ends with a capstone project and you’ll be more than prepared to enter the job market. The application process includes a technical exercise to gauge your current level and to see whether you have potential to succeed in the field.

Switchup rating 4.21
Cost $16,000 for the 13-week course
Locations Denver, San Francisco, Boulder, Seattle, Austin, Phoenix and New York City

General Assembly

General Assembly offers full-time and part-time courses, workshops and events in person and online. The full course catalog is extensive, and there is a program for every data science skill you can imagine. Courses range from one-week accelerated courses to full-time immersive 10- to 13-month programs, but it’s easy to find something to fit your schedule and budget. Whether you’re a recent graduate, looking to make a job switch or you’re an experienced data scientist trying to expand your skillset, General Assembly will have a program for you.

Switchup rating 4.18
Cost Payment varies depending on the program you choose, but financing options are available
Locations Boston, London, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Sydney, Washington (D.C.) and online


Offered through Northeastern University, Level is a two-month program that wants to turn you into a hirable data analyst. Each day of the course focuses on a different real-world problem that a business might face, and students develop projects to solve these issues. Students can expect to learn more about SQL, R, Excel, Tableau and PowerPoint and walk away with experience in preparing data, regression analysis, business intelligence, visualization and storytelling. You can choose between a full-time eight-week course that meets five days a week, eight hours a day and a hybrid 20-week program that meets online and in-person one night a week.

Switchup rating 4.41
Cost Varies by programming, location and the schedule you choose
Locations Boston, Charlotte, Seattle, San Jose, Toronto and online


Metis has campuses in New York and San Francisco, where students can attend intensive in-person data science workshops. Programs take 12 weeks to complete and include on-site instruction, career coaching and job placement support to help students make the best of their newly acquired skills. Like other boot camps, Metis’ programs are project-based and focus on real-world skills that graduates can take with them to a career in data science. Those who complete the program can expect to walk away with in-depth knowledge of modern big data tools, access to an extensive network of professionals in the industry and ongoing career support.

Switchup rating 4.88
Cost Cost varies depending on the program, starting at $2,350 for in-person professional development and $1,900 for Live Online professional development courses. Scholarships available
Locations Chicago, New York City, Seattle, San Francisco and online

NYC Data Science Academy

The NYC Data Science Academy is aimed at more experienced data scientists who have earned a masters or Ph.D. degree. Courses include training in R, Python, Hadoop, GitHub and SQL with a focus on real-world application. Participants will walk away with a portfolio of five projects to show to potential employers as well as a capstone project that spans the last two weeks of the course. The NYC Data Science Academy also helps students garner interest from recruiters and hiring managers through partnerships with businesses. In the last week of the course, students will participate in mock interviews and job search prep; many will also interview with hiring tech companies in the New York and Tri-State area.

Switchup rating 4.92
Cost $17,600
Locations NYC and online


The Data Science Career Track at Springboard consists of a six-month program that typically requires 10 to 15 hours per week of work. You’ll get access to the Springboard community, a personal mentor, career coach and student advisor. By the end of the program, participants will have an “interview-ready portfolio” and access to a data science network. Most students complete the course in two to four months and Springboard promises to refund your tuition if you don’t land a job within six months after graduating.

Switchup rating 4.89
Cost $7,500 total, with month-by-month payment options
Locations San Francisco and online


Thinkful offers a self-paced online bootcamp with a project-based curriculum, career prep, and one-on-one mentorship with access to a full community of students, mentors and alumni. The course requires about 20 to 30 hours per week of work and most students graduate in about six months. Thinkful also offers a job guarantee — if you can’t find a job after graduating, the company will refund the cost of your tuition.

Switchup rating 4.79
Cost $7,999 upfront, or $1,495 per month with the option for loans, financing and other payment plans
Locations Washington (D.C.), Portland, Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, Atlanta and online

5 emerging and niche data science bootcamps

  • Data Science for Social Good
  • Data Application Lab
  • Insight Data Science
  • K2 Data Science
  • Microsoft Research Data Science Summer School

These data science bootcamps are recommended by Switchup, but they haven’t received many — or, in some cases, any — reviews. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth considering. Some are newer programs that recently launched, while others involve exclusive fellowships or target niche markets, like Ph.D. students or experienced professionals. Look to see if any of these data science bootcamps better suit your professional needs.

Data Science for Social Good

This Chicago-based bootcamp has specific goals; it focuses on churning out data scientists who want to work in fields such as education, health and energy to help make a difference in the world. Data Science for Social Good offers a three-month long fellowship program offered through the University of Chicago, and it allows students to work closely with both professors and professionals in the industry. Attendees are put into small teams alongside full-time mentors who help them through the course of the fellowship to develop projects and solve problems facing specific industries. The program lasts 14 weeks and students complete 12 projects in partnership with nonprofits and government agencies to help tackle problems currently facing those industries.

Switchup rating No reviews
Cost Free for those accepted
Locations Chicago, with plans to expand to Charlotte (N.C.) and Chile by 2019

Data Application Lab

Data Application Lab is another in-person, full-time data science bootcamp stationed in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, but they also offer online options if you can’t get to those locations. The programs focus on equipping students with “industry practical needs” in conjunction with traditional academics. Courses use lectures, hands-on experience and lab projects to help expedite the learning process. If you have less experience in computer science, they also offer a programming class and a 10-week internship to get you up to speed.

Data science programs include general data science, big data engineer, the basics, data analyst, data science full stack and big data solutions. Each bootcamp has different requirements, so you’ll want to make sure you meet them before you apply. Tuition varies depending on the program, location or course you choose.

Switchup rating No reviews
Cost Free
Locations Boston, Washington (D.C.) and online

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