Secure Telehealth: Revolutionizing Telemedicine
Dan Mountain, CEO, Secure Telehealth

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Revolutionizing Telemedicine

Secure Telehealth offers a flexible, reliable software solution to its patients, thus, prioritizing personalized patient healthcare. Through its signature product – Virtual Health Care Software, the company has soared new heights in telemedicine. At the helm of affairs is Dan Mountain, CEO of the company. A passionate teacher and a medical practitioner, Dan staunchly believes that his educational background coupled with his in-depth knowledge in telemedicine can revolutionize the new age healthcare system.

In an interview, Dan speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts from an interview:

Secure Telehealth – The Story Behind

Secure Telehealth began as a service aimed at catering to rural health clinics which had limited service providers. “When Medicaid and Medicare agreed to reimburse for visits using live video it really began to take off. We knew that if we made the process as easy as possible for the presenting nurses or staff then it would be a great success.” Dan notes that the company makes it easy and convenient for the providers, staff, and even the patients as they can avail the services in the comfort of their homes and offices at any time.

The company’s Virtual health care software offers a simple live and secure videoconferencing solutions based on the Zoom platform. “When you choose our software, you get an HIPAA-compliant software that allows you to connect with your patients in a safe and accessible way. You also receive the benefit of 24-hour technical support to keep your system working at all times, so you never have to miss an appointment or call. We also want to give your business the flexibility it needs with a month-to-month service rather than a long, binding service contract. This means that you can cancel at any time,” adds Dan.

Breakthroughs in Healthcare/Telehealth Innovation

Noting that Covid-19 changed the landscape of healthcare system in the US and elsewhere, Dan notes that the company was inundated with requests for telehealth services and advice. “We had current customers who needed to add thousands of accounts and we had new customers who said they wanted to opt for telemedicine now. Either way they needed to get started using telehealth and we were able to help them very quickly. We knew that for it to be successful, that we needed to help and keep it simple for our clients and their patients.”

Challenges Galore

Dan cites affordability and the need to understand technology as two major challenges in the current healthcare system.  “Prices are out of control and part of the reason is that patients go in and have procedures done or meet with providers without having any idea of the costs they would incur on them.” The second challenge remains that patients are now expected to use their own mobile devices to meet virtually with their doctor or to manage their own health plan and care through an app and for some, they are uncomfortable doing that or unable to do that.  “We knew long ago that if we provided live support by phone, that would help our customers and their patients get the care that they need. Just like how we offer ongoing customer service, and live tech support, health care companies need to support those customers of theirs to build loyalty and offer better solutions,” he adds.

Most Memorable Moment of Success

Our largest moment of success in business was in March 2020 when announcements were made to close schools, businesses and mandate working from home. Our relatively small team at the time fielded calls and answered emails all weekend long and into the next week and were able to help so many customers continue to offer the care that was needed to their patients, observes Dan. “We created thousands of accounts that week and felt very proud to be a small part of thousands of people continuing to get the quality care that they needed. On a smaller scale, every single day our team answers phone calls and emails in real time helping all kinds of people meet with the providers that they need.”

A Piece of Advice

“If you know that what you are doing is really helping other people, than even if the business isn’t working out as you had hoped, you can be confident in what you are doing and know that you are not failing.” Dan advises start-ups and entrepreneurs to make customer service and tech support a big part of their business model. “The relationships that you build with your customers and their patients create loyalty and generate word of mouth advertising.”

Dan Mountain, CEO

Company: Secure Telehealth


Management:  Dan Mountain, CEO

Founded Year: 2010

Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA

Description: Secure Telehealth is the easiest way to help doctors and practitioners meet with clients using High Quality HIPAA compliant video conferencing software.

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