Pioneering Transcontinental Communication System Within Fintech Markets
Haim Ben Ami, CEO, Raft Technologies

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Pioneering Transcontinental Communication System Within Fintech Markets

As a pioneer in deploying wireless ultra-low latency and transcontinental communications systems, RAFT Technologies has come a long way in serving especially the financial markets and particularly the HFT – algorithmic trading firms. Started in 2013, the company enables the communication between different exchanges and delivers data between exchange co-locations in the lowest latency in the industry.

The Company

Said Haim Ben Ami, CEO, RAFT Technologies, an experienced professional in capital markets that, RAFT Technologies employs a skilled team of more than 40 years of cumulative experience in the fields of radio communications, networking, management, and monitoring systems. “We have intimate knowledge on how to combine the essential components of all legal, location, and technological aspects of communications systems, which allows us to offer complete and state-of-the-art ‘Plug & Play’ packages to all of our clients.”

Haim added that in 2017 when he was offered to become the CEO of RAFT Technologies, the company was in an important stage of its evolution. “I realized the vast potential. I was attracted not only to the opportunity and challenge but also to a place where I could synergize the trading world and wireless communication field which I love and have experience. I was always intrigued by the combination of finance, technology, and science.” Opined Haim that in the financial industry, technology can consist of a considerable speedy and direct effect to the benefit of a large chunk of people.

Challenges Galore

The main challenge in the fintech market is the need to bridge the gap between the relatively conservative approach of the financial institutes and the innovation that new Fintech technologies are offering. “As a company which offers a revolutionary technology that enables 3 times magnitude of order latency improvement, we sometimes find ourselves required to bridge this gap” added Haim. He opined that he would offer tax incentives to firms who adopt and test new technologies to solve the existing gaps in the industry. “Any Fintech that invests in trying/testing new Fintech technology, will be able to deduct part of its investment cost from the company’s taxable income.”

Moments of success 

Haim reminisced the first time the company’s Shortwave Modem brilliantly performed a cross Atlantic broadcast for the first time. “It was 4 months after I took office as the CEO. This event marked the point where our vision transformed from a vision and a dream to an exceptional reality.”

Capital Markets and Fintech Solutions

Noting that the ever-growing fintech solutions in the industry are accompanied by increasing access to those solutions, Haim pointed that every day, we witness fewer large trading organizations with a monopoly on any certain solution. “Rather, we learn of increasing technology services companies which offer advanced technology solutions to all market participants, and this phenomenon levels the market to a great extent.” In Raft’s case, they are the only company world wide offering their unique service.

The Visionary

A visionary in the industry, Haim has always dreamt that the big data and AI will create a transparency revolution in the financial world. “It will bring fairness to all households and will increase the security for all. In such a world, all will have an equal opportunity based on their financial responsibility and it will be impossible, for instance, to fund terrorism and crime organizations.”

 Wireless technology communication 

Haim added that until now wireless networks were short distance by nature or required to use satellites. “But Raft’s solution enables exceptionally long-distance communication, up to 10,000 Km. A full wireless link, without the use of satellites. It means that we can cross the ocean with only one antenna on each side. Such technology has countless application possibilities such as cyber, military, and generally redundancy and we are going to pursue these opportunities in the future.”

Company:  Raft Technologies


Management: Haim Ben Ami, CEO

Founded Year: 2013

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel

Description: Raft Technologies is a telecommunication company that features a low latency, transcontinental communications system.

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