For the Heart from the Heart

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For the Heart from the Heart

Cardiovascular disease or CVD is a global problem. Though typically viewed as a “rich-world disease”, it has now migrated to many developing countries. The rising prevalence of CVD, today, calls for cost-effective and intelligent patient-centric healthcare technology that empowers care teams and has a real impact on patients. This where Stone Three comes in. Harnessing the power of machine learning, the company enables and enhances virtual consults with computer assisted diagnostic solutions to help primary healthcare providers better diagnose and manage CVD. “We utilize machine learning to unlock the value of the health data related to cardiovascular health and derive insights that enable us to diagnose and prioritize patients who need urgent care. Our core technology focuses on medical visualization and precision telemedicine, built on our experience with medical device and data interoperability,” says Dirk Wagener, General Manager of Stone Three Healthcare.
Clearly understanding the needs and pain points of their customers, the company provides innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations and add value to their businesses. Their professional stethoscope streaming solution, TeleSensi™, delivers superior out-of-band audio quality that is clinically appropriate for improved diagnosis, workflow integration with existing user management systems and complete business integration. It allows a presenter to stream the patient’s live heart or lung sounds to a remote provider during a tele-consultation.

Similarly, to save, view, share, and diagnose heart sounds with ease, Stone Three provides the world’s first artificial intelligence murmur detection solution called SensiCardiac™ using electronic stethoscopes to remotely detect up to 15 underlying heart problems. This assisted diagnostic cardio solution enables healthcare providers and clinics to perform preventative screenings and patient triage. For instance, TeamCME, based in Oregon, U.S., undertakes the statutory Department of Transport (DoT) health assessments on truckers using SensiCardiac™ to detect their underlying heart conditions. This gives peace of mind to truckers that their hearts are being assessed for cardiac abnormalities during the statutory DoT examination. “Today, we are the largest clinically validated heart sound reference database which is key to developing new assisted diagnostic cardiac solutions. And our solutions are improved through ensuring strict adherence to compliances, regulatory approvals, and internal quality processes,” points out Wagener.

Furthermore, Stone Three developed an IT platform—The Intelligent Care System or ICS — with components critical to integrated patient-centered care for their partner PPO Serve.. The platform includes an intuitive EHR, data analytics, and case and care plan management for clinical workflows. Additionally, their unique consultation platform, Pathways—developed for Georgia Partnership for Telehealth (GPT)—enables complete telemedicine consults to GPT’s network of nurses, doctors, and hospitals to enhance care value and pave the road toward better clinical results.

“We are a SaaS company and our team has a unique combination of skills, ranging from clinical domain expertise to advanced machine learning, which enables us to build a scalable business in any part of the world,” says Wagener. Due to the uniqueness of their offerings, Stone Three plans to grow significant market share in the North American tele-auscultation market in the coming years and then enter into other global markets once telemedicine regulations in those markets become more conducive for their technology. Also, they are planning to combine more advanced assisted diagnostic solutions with their TeleSensi™ stack to allow the end user to have a much more realistic and thorough assessment experience. “We are also planning to involve more medical sensors relevant to cardiovascular health,” concludes Wagener.

Dirk Wagener, General Manager Stone Three Healthcare

Company: Stone Three


Management: Dirk Wagener, General Manager

Founded Year: 2000

Headquarters:  Somerset West, Western Cape

Description: Stone Three enables and enhances virtual consults with computer assisted diagnostic solutions to help primary healthcare providers better diagnose and manage CVD.

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