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Synergizing New Technologies & Medicine  

Adnan Mallik, CEO & Founder, CallingDr

Synergizing New Technologies and Medicine

New technologies have had profound impacts on the healthcare delivery system worldwide. Emerging telehealth/ telemedicine technology is poised to have a pivotal impact on the way healthcare system is delivered, including how patients interact with providers and receive care, irrespective of the geographical boundaries.

Says Adnan Mallik, CEO & Founder CallingDr, a telemedicine platform provider, “telemedicine as a technology has the greatest impact on healthcare industry at the moment, but I think there will be a time when Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play even a bigger role in our healthcare. I feel great optimism by the prospects of the synergies between technology and the medical field.”

The History

CallingDr’s platform is designed specifically for healthcare providers, with a priority on easy adoption of telemedicine into existing practices/EMRs in rural areas of the USA. Conceived with an effort to integrate digital health, the platform delivers all the features and functions needed for a true point-of-care, with a system architecture that could be integrated to work seamlessly with an existing and future systems. Says Adnan that the idea of starting CallingDr stemmed out of a personal experience. “During the hurricane season in the USA,  one of my own children was sick and I wished we had the option of a virtual visit instead of physically having to take the child to the hospital in that weather. I felt the lack of access to medical care during natural disasters was a real problem.This was an experience that me and my wife Iram often spoke about.” Adnan adds that in 2017, while he had just completed a project to create an electronic medical record, the thought of creating a technology to benefit healthcare cropped up again. “We felt through our tools and technologies, we could make a positive impact in our communities. It started with a family conversation, we grew our team with like-minded individuals and bootstrapped to build a company,” he notes.

Problems Galore

Adnan points out that dearth of physicians, rising costs of healthcare and the list of problems related to healthcare are increasing in the USA. “We knew we could make a difference and improve access to healthcare especially in rural America.  We studied the regulatory hurdles of healthcare. We created one of the most user-friendly and affordable telemedicine platforms in the market today and then before we launched we conducted extensive testing.”

Connecting Rural Areas

Adopted mostly in rural areas, CallingDr’s innovative platform helps patients access healthcare facilities across all  geographical locations. Noting that telemedicine has huge potential, Adnan says that it has only captured 1% of the US healthcare market.

Technology Offering Real Time Care

While platforms like the one offered by CallingDr, enhances the traditional face-to-face visits, patients can continue to receive care, while having the flexibility and convenience of consulting doctors remotely for follow up visits and referrals all with real time care, observes Adnan.

Pandemic Effect on Healthcare

Adnan opines that with the latest pandemic hitting every economy hard, countries have to now adopt innovative ways to ensure that there is still a tool for patients to receive their treatments for existing medical conditions while continuing the fight against COVID-19. “Both the CDC and WHO have urged healthcare professionals to use telehealth as a valuable tool and reduce the spread of infection,” he notes.

Maintaining Life- Work Balance

“My wife is a co-founder of CallingDr. We are often working together, so creating a work life balance is definitely a continuous process and it can be a challenging task at times. But I’m fortunate I have a job that I love and I’m able to spend time with my family and when I come back from a vacation I definitely feel my batteries are recharged” Adnan signs off.

Company: CallingDr


Management: Adnan Mallik, CEO & Founder

Founded Year: 2017

Headquarters: Lake Mary, Florida

Description: CallingDr is a telemedicine and mobile health platform for patient-doctor video consulting and remote patient monitoring.