DocTime: Revolutionizing Healthcare in Developing Countries
William Delylle, CEO, DocTime

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DocTime: Revolutionizing healthcare in developing countries

As the CEO at DocTime, one of the fastest growing telehealth platforms in emerging markets, William is a man on a mission. He is enabling better health and wellbeing with advanced technology. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of DocTime

William cites lack of access to healthcare in Bangladesh as one of the major reasons why he and his team conceptualized DocTime. He notes that more than 300,000 doctors are missing to get to OECD ratio of number of doctors/ inhabitants. This number is equivalent to a need for an additional 500m consultations every year to reach levels of care of more developed countries. “This leads to large unmet needs and poor outcomes e.g., high maternal and neonatal mortality rates, and poor screening and on-going management of chronic diseases.”

Healthcare industry- challenges galore

“The key is to protect the quality of care and integrity of the care pathway. While the tech teams can put in place the right operational processes, it is essential to add a second line of protection focusing on clinical risk management and an integrity framework with documentation and guidelines, as well as a third line with a medical panel providing independent oversight of the delivery of healthcare and management of risks” observes William.

DocTime solutions

DocTime is an online medical service that uses advanced technology to improve the health and wellbeing of the population of Bangladesh. “Our technology gives access to healthcare for all. It offers several services, including healthcare and protection subscription packages, on demand GP and specialist consultations (80% of our patients wait less than 10min to be connected to a doctor), online prescriptions, medicine delivery, and integrated tests and diagnostics.” The most common medical use cases treated on DocTime are general conditions, pediatrics, gynecology, mental health, chronic diseases, and dermatology. “We found that our platform has been used throughout the country, across age groups (including 25%+ of children patients and 15% > 60 years old), and genders (45% female patients). It is also the highest rated telehealth service by doctors and patients.” Notes William.

Leadership traits

“Curiosity, setting a clear ambition and direction of travel, trust of the team and eye for solving problems” are some of the traits a true leader should possess, according to William. “If you are passionate and make a positive impact, then the excitement of the journey matters most, and the fear of failure becomes secondary.”

This professional suggests that healthcare professionals should always prioritize patients and their well-being. “The technology only exists to serve the patient. Work relentlessly to keep improving your services for patients and doctors – we must provide solutions that are safe and effective from the start.”

DocTime- What lies ahead

“We want to be the first player in South Asia to combine the best end to end telehealth services, our Electronic Patient Records, and video vital signs monitoring solution, to give a full ‘hospital-at-home’ experience to our patients” concludes William.

A Holistic Approach 

Not familiar with shortcuts to success, Yaron and his team look at a medical need as a whole and try to figure out the best rational solution. “We realized that often, the solution to a certain need should be multi-disciplinary, involving a medical device, a drug and even biologics. Meanwhile, regulatory-wise, such complicated solution could be extremely challenging. But, combination products will be more popular in the future, as new conceptual technologies become available,” he opines. To be more specific, for Yaron, there is almost no “impossible”. Instead, he looks at every challenge as rationally as possible, trying to stay away from myths of any kind. With a bold and holistic approach, Yaron is determined to make a difference in bone therapy in the coming years.

Company: DocTime


Management:  William Delylle, CEO

Founded Year: 2020

Headquarters: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Description: DocTime is a complete online medical service provider.

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