Challenges faced by Virtual reality to become reality

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Virtual reality is undoubtedly a great innovation having the potential to change several industries. Every excellent innovation has some loopholes that makes the technology incomplete and gives an open space for further improvements. Virtual reality also belongs to the group of technologies that have a possibility for development. Most of the enterprises are looking forward to add VR and AR to their working mechanisms and make their procedures more effective and efficient. But in the root map of adopting these high end technologies, most of the business world is facing issue. To become one of the widely used technologies, VR & AR must overcome all challenges. Few challenges face by VR & AR industry is discussed further.

Challenges for virtual reality:


VR is developed with an intension to give a mesmerizing experience to the user of interacting to the virtual world with their real world movements. The development procedure and materials used in this head mounted device are very expensive, making the end product also weigh a higher price. This is being the greatest hindrance for the VR industry which is driving consumers away from this technology. Now the challenge in front of developers is to reduce the development cost of this device to make it affordable.

Tempting content:

If cost of VR is dragged down to make it affordable, still there is another hindrance in the growth of VR industry. The mechanism of VR is made to enhance the visual experience, now even there are few games also that are offer by this industry. But, is it enough to grab a crucial place in business sectors? Of course not, VR industry needs to develop more tempting and productive content that plays an important role for various business sectors in development. Still this industry is lagging an app that can fulfill requirements of entrepreneurs as well as entertainment seekers. VR must boost up developing apps that can be used in expos, business meetings, conferences, and other social meetings at a larger scale, so as to help those businesses in serving a one to one content for everyone.

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