RAT: Blockchain to bridge gap between real and digital art forms
Ryan Howells, CEO, The Rare Antiquities Token Ltd (RAT)

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RAT: Blockchain to bridge gap between real and digital art forms

Ryan Howells has over 15 years of experience within Chief Technology Organisation for various corporate organizations in the UK including AXA UK, GoCompare, Motability Organisation before moving to a small fintech company as the Information Security Manager reporting directly to the board. Ryan moved to become a full-time private investor in 2020 before entering the cryptocurrency space in 2021 bringing across his knowledge from share investment sector to the project he speaks about today – The Rare Antiquities Token. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of RAT

The initial concept was to target a single area of the market and be the best at providing a service to that sector. Too many projects fail because they try to account for everyone and become poor, or at best, average at providing the service, observes Ryan. “The Rare Antiquities Token bridges the gap between real world art and digital art by acquiring high valued appreciating antiquities and turning them into NFTs, before fractionalizing it and distributing the fractions as individual NFTs.”

Making crypto the mainstream

The Rare Antiquities Token has built the first platform to automate the fractionalization of real-world art and antiquities. This means that you can purchase a fraction of a Banksy, Picasso, or an Ancient Egyptian Artefact using the company’s token on our NFT Marketplace and get to say you own a piece of this extraordinary item without having to pay millions or worry about storage and insurance, adds Ryan.

The Blockchain Journey

Ryan’s career over the last decade involved working within various Chief Technology Organizations. “I was one of the first to try the Google Glasses prototype to ascertain how the technology could help the insurance industry. After leaving my stable infosec career behind me I took to trading stocks and shares full time before making the move to crypto.” He adds that the crypto communities are far more engaging and when you help a project take off the self-satisfaction is much more rewarding to him than any financial benefits. “When I discovered I could apply my passion for art and history to the crypto sector then The Rare Antiquities Token was born.”

Blockchain ecosystem- Challenges Galore

This technology enthusiast recommends regulation of blockchain. “In the UAE there is now a 5-year jail sentence for conducting a scam in crypto. This is one of the reasons why I chose to register the RATbits NFT Marketplace in the country so that it can give the safety net to people who invest.”

“Conscious to the amount of scams in this space I did my upmost to ensure our community could trust in the project and during our IDO phase I would actually post my live location at the gym so people would know everything they could about me as the person responsible for keeping their investment safe.”

Leadership Traits

“I feel my passion to succeed is what drives me in all aspects of my life. I was a champion natural bodybuilding a few years ago, hence understand all too well that my passion to succeed is sometimes the only thing that keeps me going.”
Success for this young entrepreneur is measured by how one would define their name and how they lift others up. “If this time next year I hadn’t a penny to my name, but The Rare Antiquities Token was talked about worldwide, then this would be the epitome of success for me.” He also speaks about determination, which is yet another driving factor for his success.

The Success Mantra

Employ expertise in the areas that require it and recognize your weaknesses, he urges young entrepreneurs. “Don’t try and pretend you know everything and accept that there are others better equipped with more knowledge and experience than you in some areas. Utilize these people and let them work their magic for your business.”

Ryan also asks business leaders to set realistic goals. “Set realistic goals, work on them and then set new goals thus, you set the bar higher,” he adds.  Secondly, failure should be embraced not feared. “By failing you learn from your mistakes to ensure it doesn’t happen again and become better for it. Without failure you learn nothing.”

A word of caution

“Sure, the rise of the meme coins and other similar projects can be lucrative for some, but you sure lose a lot of sleep worrying if the project you’re invested in is going to dump overnight whilst your sleep. Having my own project with a unique use case and utility that will change the landscape of NFTs means that me, and all our investors can sleep easy knowing that they don’t have to worry about being dumped on overnight.”

Company: The Rare Antiquities Token Ltd (RAT)

Website: www.TheRAT.finance

Management:  Ryan Howells, CEO

Founded Year: 2021

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE

Description: The Rare Antiquities Token (RAT) is about bringing crypto to the mainstream through the museum, gallery and heritage sector across the globe.

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