Playpal: A Transformative Wave of Empowerment
Eesha Sheikh, CEO, Playpal

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A Transformative Wave of Empowerment

Having conquered the business world, today, women leaders are making huge tech waves from multiple corners of the globe. Though the journey is riddled with full of hurdles, women entrepreneurs, like Eesha Sheikh, are becoming the transformative force in the technology world with the right blend of passion, persistence and expertise. Eesha’s zeal for innovation, her faith in herself and the universe, and her tenacious persistence to change the world has turned her vision of consolidating a health and fitness global technology platform to reality. Blending her scientific expertise with a passion to revolutionize health through technology, Eesha launched a one-stop-solution for better health—Playpal.

With a mission to create the complete ecosystem of health, Playpal consolidates data from global IoT devices, apps, and stakeholders all under one banner. By using the power of Artificial Intelligence, Playpal transforms the influx of information into a comprehensive yet simple set of recommendations for users. Alongside, the company consolidates the market, integrates databases, and incentivizes users.
The Real Gap in the Market 

As a young girl, Eesha struggled with obesity and faced endless bullying and body shaming. Thanks to her father’s irresistible weight-loss incentive (i.e. unlimited toys), she successfully lost 65lbs. “As I overcame these issues, I was able to critically assess the changing industry over the past decade and a half to identify the real gaps in the market,” notes Eesha.

With a master’s degree in Molecular Chemistry and a resolute attitude, Eesha was determined to help people who had experienced, or were experiencing, the same challenges as she did. “This led to the Playpal Health Capital Model, which is further quantified by our very own HICO score against which users are rewarded with our cryptocurrency called PlayCoin” Playpal aims at bridging the gaps in today’s fragmented health-tech market via a consolidated and proactive approach to health that delivers the best preventative care.

For an enormously fragmented industry like healthcare, Eesha and her team offer the AI-powered engine, Playpal, that provides stakeholders, like health app developers and insurance companies with insights from user data insights.


The Spirit of Empowerment 

Apart from Playpal, Eesha is also a big women’s rights advocate. “I have created a small group for women empowerment called ‘Womanarchy’ that provides a safe space for women to discuss different stereotypical and taboo issues,” she notes. As a woman entrepreneur and a healthcare technologist, Eesha believes in equality for women across industries, breaking the harmful social norms and gender stereotypes that hinder women’s potential.

Being the optimistic person she is, Eesha realizes that nothing can stop women leaders from reaching their destination as long as they continue to have faith and persistence in their mission and service to the world. “I want every woman who dreams of being a tech entrepreneur to know that nothing can stop her from being a badass boss lady.” Valuing the core principles of success—empowerment, commitment, and care—Eesha and her team focus on delivering care first more than anything else. “Let’s focus on making people less sick and on how to prevent disease. Not just on how to treat it after the fact.”


Company: Playpal


Management: Eesha Sheikh, CEO

Founded Year: 2017

Headquarters: Centennial, CO

Description: A smart health platform powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence.

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