Doktuz – Personalizing Patient Healthcare
Abraham Abramovitz, CEO, Doktuz

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Doktuz – Personalizing Patient Healthcare

Doktuz is a social and professional healthcare network, that aims in improving health care access for everyone. Founded in Peru in 2013, this healthcare company has enabled better collaboration between patients, hospitals, and physicians to share information and communicate. At the helm of affairs is the company’s founder and CEO Abraham Abramovitz. A people’s man, Abraham’s grit, passion, coupled with his never-dying energy for entrepreneurship has helped him transform scores of patients’ lives. He speaks to us on an array of topics – from Dokutz’s journey to challenges posed in healthcare system, from innovation within healthcare to what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Excerpts from an interview:

Dokutz- The Story Behind

“Doktuz wants to bring health at your fingertips and make sure that we all have the same opportunity to access quality health services,” notes Abraham. He adds that the company has been working on building a preventive medicine system to impact the most vulnerable population. “With recurrent preventive exams in patients, we look to not only prevent but, use the power of data to predict diseases through algorithms before they happen and give patients more healthy and productive years, thus improving their quality of life.”

Dokutz’s mobile app allows users to book ambulances, diagnostic examinations, and infusions at home. The company also offers expert-curated information on a range of topics including cancer, nutrition etc, to name a few. It also provides secure communication channels to build trusted networks among physicians, patients, and institutions.

Innovation within Healthcare Technology

The company has been tirelessly working on implementing technology solutions to improve nature and timelines for consultation, access to health information and gathering information to use data analytics to improve patients’ quality of life. “We are a group of entrepreneurs who trust that through innovation, technology and experience marketing, the health of all people can be transformed by providing quality services at affordable prices. That is why we constantly think of new ideas and tools so that you and all our users can find solutions to their health doubts and frustrations in one place.”

During COVID19 times, the company has developed several tools to address peoples’ needs. “For example, we made a COVID19 diagnostic bot inside the Doktuz application that helped thousands of patients every day and this became the number 1 application on both Play store and Apple Store” observes Abraham.

Challenges Galore

One of the biggest challenges for social-impact driven companies is the low penetration of internet and usability of technologies by most vulnerable patients, opines Abraham. The healthcare system and the health education, are focused on an on-site disease-based system, laments the professional. He recommends the need to tackle health as a whole and give patients and physicians the right tools, abilities, and capabilities to improve the system. “I think that the most important thing would be to really focus on patients’ needs. A patient-centric model is the only way to alleviate the suffering and disconformities of patients.”

Most Memorable Moments of Success

Each milestone, every step of the way, seems to be the most important memorable moment in that specific period, according to Abraham. “Receiving good feedback from a happy patient or making a personalized touch to a service that we offer, impressing the client with something exceptional- are the things I enjoy the most.”

A Piece of Advice

“They should fall in love and fight for solving the problem that they have identified and persistently fight for their dream” Abraham advices young entrepreneurs. He says that one needs to trust their gut and be prepared to fail and learn quickly. “You are going to fail several times, inevitably. As an entrepreneur, you will always make a lot of mistakes and failures. The way I used to see and take failure is key to be able to adapt and grow. Surrounding with the best people you can and never stop learning are the two important aspects for positive evolution,” signs off Abraham.

Company: Doktuz


Management:  Abraham Abramovitz, CEO

Founded Year: 2013

Headquarters: Lima, Lima

Description: Doktuz is a social, professional healthcare network that aims to transform health experience for all.

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