Bloqs4good: Re-Inventing Decentralized Blockchain Technologies
Jose R Rosas, Co-CEO, Bloqs4Good

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Bloqs4good: Re-Inventing Decentralized Blockchain Technologies

Bloqs4Good is a cutting-edge technology that builds solutions for B2B and B2C. B4G is leading the decentralized economy revolution in a unique direction – Connecting Humanity and Technology by delivering an ecosystem of people, businesses, and communities, empowering them to act with purpose and generate value, while guaranteeing their values of Trust, Integrity, and Sustainability.

The vision is to employ decentralized technology to promote new avenues of commerce for all their stakeholders and partners.

Bloqs4Good divisions working together for this common theme of empowering peer-to-peer commerce, consumer choice, innovation, and security while doing GOOD for surrounding communities.

The company offers a varied ecosystem of vertical solutions, especially in the blockchain sector, based on technology solutions for existing industries. As a champion in the decentralized technology industry, Bloqs4Good aims at improvising outdated processes while increasing competitiveness for industry players. As a socially conscious company, it strives towards sustainability, integrity, and transparency. Changes in business models are forging ahead towards the programmable economy supported by decentralized technologies. Excerpts from an interview with Jose R Rosas, Co-CEO, Bloqs4Good

History Behind Founding of Bloqs4

Jose, a native of Southern Chile says that, as he grew up observing the indigenous culture of the country, he always had an important perspective on life and the things that mattered in life. “I bring that to everything I do. I see technology as a means to advance humanity and not take advantage of it. We are building a company that puts humanization at the forefront and everyone that joins us has that same passion and goal in mind. We want to change the world and empower SMEs and individuals to improve their communities while doing good. Whatever the moment we put humanity first.”

As pioneers in blockchain technology, the company believes in not just simply building products to sell but on re-imaging over 15 industries and have built the solutions to evolve the business models. “The decentralized economy is coming quickly, and we believe that those who do not evolve will find themselves in difficult situations. We offer solutions for the largest conglomerates to SMEs and smaller companies so they can compete in the new world,” observed Jose.

Challenges Galore

According to Jose, the constant initial conflating of blockchain and cryptocurrency has made many CXOs exercise caution and they were not shrewd enough to predict the market disruptions. “Thankfully the world is waking up and one can easily find articles, research papers, and case studies whereas the situation was different two years ago where we just had the Gartner, the Programmable economy, and a few others.”

Lamenting the state of academics, Jose observed that even the major universities are yet to evolve their curriculum to teach the new cult of engineers and business school students on blockchain technology. “We are not building our technology strictly based on blockchain as many are. We are building decentralized technologies and integrating traditional technology, blockchain, and other technologies to re-imagine solutions for the future,” he re-instated.

Moment of Success

Citing an anecdote, Jose said that the decision to move his companies from Los Angeles and Santiago Chile to Halifax posed big challenges. “Finding out that our funding was not coming through and then faced by the pandemic situation in 10 days were the biggest hurdles we faced. But we not only survived this but actually developed solutions out of the challenges posed and we strived towards a new direction.”

Effect of Recent Pandemic 

“We are in the process of submitting a spate of patents that would have multiple applications in the medical field and the information would be shared in a totally secured environment. Our primary value is to respect everyone’s personal information. We do not sell data, and therefore we approach all solutions in a very different way.”

A Word of Advice 

Jose advised young entrepreneurs to find their own niche as the booming industry will churn out huge opportunities for all. “We suggest that they need to find a niche where they can build a unique solution. There are over 50 industries that are about to be upended by these new technologies, finding the one that we understand best because simply building the tech is not enough and we need to really understand how that technology will have a positive ROI for our stakeholders and clients. We do not believe in selling tech that does not have a very positive return for our clients.”

Company: Bloqs4Good


Management: Jose R Rosas, Co-CEO

Founded Year: 2018

Headquarters: Halifax, CA

Description: Bloqs4Good is creating a vertical decentralized ecosystem of people, business and communities to act with purpose, generate value, whilst guaranteeing our tenets of Trust, Integrity, Sustainability

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