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Telemedicine: New face of Medical Sector

The present scenario, when folk is deprived of every facility, being deprived from the medical facilities is one of the greatest threat to the human life which may risk someone’s life too. But technological growth has a solution for each and every problem. It is said, necessity is the mother of invention, and those inventions which are made before it is required are majorly rejected by the society. A remote medical treatment was one of those amazing facet of technological growth that facilitated the health care service providers to serve patients remotely and the invention of a successful software was done that can detect the body temperature of patient sitting in front of the connected computer screen miles away from the source computer, and even other detection were possible with the software called HIPAA compliant video conference tool.. But it had to face a mass rejection at the time of emergence. But now, either you say due to the current scenario or folks are much more tech savvy, the telemedicine has gained its importance in the health sector and now folks are accepting it all across the globe without any doubt. No more queues and no more awaited appointments, this amazing software allows you to connect with your physician virtually from any place based on your comfort.

Setup of Telemedicine:

For a solo practitioner, just a basic HIPAA compliant video conference tool is enough to start with telemedicine facility. But to develop a completely telemedicine clinic, one may require to install a software that can provide waiting room for the patients, EHR and of course an online payment gateway too. For the healthcare organizations that work on a bigger scale need a customized telemedicine solution that reflects only solutions provided by them with all the other complimentary facilities. It may be a tough job for a bigger organization to bring a sudden change to their healthcare practices, because they require educating each of their physicians about the latest technology of virtual meetings with patients and providing solution for the same. Along with it, the organization must also consider other aspects such as legalities, regulations, and technological growth.