Communicating legit information in this pandemic

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The COVID-19 (coronavirus) is plausibly the pandemic that has worsen the situation in the whole world. Since its inception to date, there have been various challenges being faced by frontline, volunteers, affected people, industries, logistics, and many others due to lack of information. Many countries have incorporated strategies for communicating the data to combat lack of clarity as well as misinformation.

A multifaceted crisis where medical staff was deluged with the inrush of patients, manufacturers were forced to meet high demands for medicines, PPE kits, also transportation facilities for distributing of the resources. The second challenge is a shortage of vaccines, alongside the registration website coordinating the appointments for the first followed by the second dose, inquiries for same. All these amalgamated and concentrated with the efficacious communication system.

During the period of crisis, information is critical, veridicality of information is also in need before spreading. Along with the vaccine drives and rumours, fake news about the vaccine is increasing, the health care organization, the government should play a vital role in battling misstatement with help of technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence can increase the value tremendously by spotting false data and bots.

Some companies have emerged who works on tools for verification of news, information that is available at various sources. With technology professionals find the public information, its source where it was generated, when it was on social media, so verifying this will help the public to not panic on fake news. For the verification process, it is to be known about who is verifying the data, and how the public is perceiving these professionals who verify data.

Exploiting the potentiality of communication as well as the advanced innovation in the field of technology with the propensity to fight the false data proves to be contributory in the coming few months- of course, technology alone cannot be a solution but humans need to contribute as well, as technology is just an ally.

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