Demandbase: Seamless ABX across the Buyer’s Journey
Jackie Palmer, VP Product Marketing, Demandbase

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Seamless ABX across the Buyer’s Journey

The B2B market has been experiencing a dramatic growth in recent times, with the COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, the pandemic has moved everybody to a digital transformation perspective for consumerism, including B2B consumerism. “At this time, along with implementing top technology trends, it is equally important to obtain insights on what your customers are doing, what channels they are using, and understand where you can meet in the middle,” says Jackie Palmer, VP of Product Marketing, Demandbase. This is where Demandbase One—a comprehensive ABX (Account-Based Experience) software comes in.

Based in San Francisco, CA, Demandbase is a leader in ABX (Account-Based Experience) in today’s changing B2B landscape. Their flagship platform, Demandbase One, surfaces customer insights at the right time to the people that are responsible for those customer relationships, such as salespeople, whether they are account executives, growth account directors, technical account managers, or whether they are CSMs. Regardless of who it is, Demandbase One reveals insights for those end users at all times. This gives the ability to understand competitive intent being pursued as well as additional opportunities.

Surfacing customer insights

According to Jackie, after determining key insights, the next step is presenting them to the right people at the right time. The end goal is to surface those insights across a buyer’s journey so that a B2B seller can make a sale. For instance, “a customer is looking for a competing product, and you notice that more web searches and other intent signals are popping up. Maybe you’ve also noticed that their activities with you went down. You’ve received fewer emails from them and they’ve logged in less times than normal. All of this points to a potential churn upcoming.”

For a more positive scenario, a B2B seller may also notice that the customer is looking at other options that could point to a potential upsell or cross-sell. In some cases the appropriate action may be no action at all. “In many CX cases, the best relationship is not a pushy relationship. However, you still need access to these activities so when something comes up, you can be prepared to understand and respond to the behavior behind it.” Demandbase implements a full platform approach. Their ABX can extend beyond the traditional end points and provide CX to customers in a continuous circle.

End-to-end ABX

Demandbase One provides an end-to-end suite of solutions like Engagement, Advertising, Personalization, Orchestration, and Attribution. They fulfill three fundamental aspects of any ABX campaign to ensure you are reaching the right customers at the right time.

  • The data needed for a comprehensive understanding of your accounts
  • The decision-making capabilities to know the right time to engage the right people with the right message
  • The delivery mechanisms to take action across multiple channels.

“We give revenue teams the ability to align around one set of data, one sales and marketing motion, one buyer’s journey, and a single comprehensive view of the customer—from accounts to people within buying centers,” points out Jackie. Moreover, Demandbase One allows revenue teams to drive buying committee awareness with the company’s native B2B DSP or LinkedIn advertising, gain increased conversion rates with unique and personalized website experiences, run full cross-channel marketing and sales automations, and measure the impact and ROI of every interaction across sales and marketing with multi-touch attribution.

Personalization at its best

Unlike any other ABX provider, Demandbase also ensures personalization through their all-in-one solution, Demandbase One. They customize customer journey stages and therefore personalize their experiences at different points specific to a business process. Besides that, they provide a unique flexibility that no other platforms give. “The key to success is to give our customers the level of granular personalization that will really drive a good CX,” claims Jackie.

“We help optimize the entire account journey, including opportunity and post-sale, because we’re able to customize those stages beyond just the top of the funnel,” she ends.

Gabe Rogol

Company: Demandbase


Management:  Jackie Palmer, VP Product Marketing

Founded Year: 2006

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Description: Demandbase specializes in account-based marketing offering AI-enabled ABM platform.

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