Disrupting Surgical Imaging with Robotic-enabled 3D Digital Technology
Aidan Foley, CEO and Chairman of the Board, True Digital Surgery

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Disrupting Surgical Imaging with Robotic-enabled 3D Digital Technology

Aidan Foley believes in advancing the capabilities of AI-enabled robotics and the evolution of digital technologies in MedTech. He has created a niche for himself in the industry. As the CEO of True Digital Surgery, the 3D digital surgery visualization platform that helps in enhancing the surgical experience and advancing patient results, he is at the helm of affairs at his firm.

He speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts from an interview:

The Conception of True Digital Surgery

True Digital Surgery’s rich history started with TrueVision Systems, the developer of the first 3D digital microscope. It’s work in ophthalmology was so successful, that it resulted in its acquisition by a prominent international medical firm. “It’s work covering the other sectors resulted in a ‘spinout’ company which became True Digital Surgery. True Digital Surgery was formed in early 2019 and continues the development legacy of TrueVision Systems, designing cutting-edge technology for the microsurgical field” states Aidan.

A Platform of New Technologies

The platforms that True Digital Surgery has developed, and continues to develop, are building upon the original 3D digital core technology. “We have enhanced that core technology with AI-enabled robotics for surgical workflow efficiency and digital capabilities that enable surgeons to see critical structures before they even begin a surgical procedure. When we entered the market, most surgeries were utilizing the analog microscope much as they had been since its introduction in the 1950s” says Aidan. Through the advancements, True Digital Surgery, along with a handful of other companies made their DRM’s (Digital Robotic Microscopes) an evolutionary leap that enables surgeons to no longer be tethered to a microscope, and to be able to perform complex microsurgical procedures in a much more ergonomic position, with a more detailed image of the surgical field and with unparalleled clarity and color distinction.

The Medtech Journey

Noting that the majority of his professional experience has been in digital imaging, Aidan says that he had the benefit of experiencing the speed and impact of the digital revolution before its inception in MedTech. “I know through my first-hand experience that multibillion dollar companies will lose market share if they do not maintain their technology leadership. I also know the speed of development increases exponentially with digital technologies.” Development companies like True Digital Surgery are setting the pace of digital innovation in MedTech, and large medtech companies need innovations from companies like True Digital Surgical to maintain their market share leadership. “The key to creating and realizing substantive change is by bringing on the brightest and most experienced entrepreneurial talent out there.” Aidan urges organizations to build a foundation of great people, establish a working environment that empowers the group to aim high and think boldly while providing the resources that enable them to develop the software and hardware to power their vision.

Leadership Traits

This technology enthusiast believes in driving both his personal and organizational success. “My key leadership traits are focus and drive. I believe that success is achieved through a clear unified vision and a passionate commitment. I’m a firm believer in empowering my team to do their jobs and to communicate freely throughout the organization.”

Aidan says that team building and resilience are critical components of success. “I’ve always been laser-focused on the task at hand, and humble enough to know that I need smart people around me.  My team and I do the research to understand the marketplace, the need, and the opportunity to create something that will benefit the end user.”

He believes that the best way to overcome fear of failure is by knowing the customer closely and being confident and secure that the product or service you’re providing fills that need. “As managers we take risks in our careers and learn from the good ones and the bad ones. We learn from each of them and take that with us to the next opportunity.”  The insights learned from those experiences develops and hones the skills required to accurately access risk later in your career, according to him. “If you understand the marketplace and your end users, the requisite financials, and the required talent skill sets, you’ll be able to withstand the ups and downs until you reach ultimate success” he states.

The Success Mantra

“Picking talent that understands your vision, has the passion required for startup timelines and works well as a unified team will ultimately determine the success of the company.”

“Time is our enemy is one of my favorite mantras because it is universally true.  Time is a constant and it is critical to understand the value of time in a startup. Another is to Dream big, keep learning, respect your colleagues, and never settle” Aidan signs off.

Company: True Digital Surgery

Website: www.truedigitalsurgery.com

Management:  Aidan Foley, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Founded Year: 2019

Headquarters: Goleta, CA

Description: True Digital Surgery manufacturers 3D digital technology with AI-enabled robotics for surgical workflow efficiency and imaging capabilities that enable surgeons to see critical structures in 3D, even before they begin a surgical procedure.

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