With the increasing demand for financial sustainability, better care delivery, patient centricity, and digital transformation, the modern healthcare leaders are on route to transforming their systems and infrastructure for a smarter health community. However, the exponential advances in innovative technologies, from Blockchain, RPA, cloud, AI, and robotics, to internet of medical things (IoMT), digital and virtual reality, has enabled the healthcare providers to manage clinical, operational, and financial challenges and design new care delivery models. This also supports in building a sustainable foundation for affordable, accessible, high-quality healthcare. Moreover, the emergence of personalized medicine, increased use of exponential technologies, entry of disruptive and non-traditional competitors, the demand for expanded care delivery sites, and revamped payment and public funding models are all impacting the performance of the healthcare ecosystem. In such a scenario, the healthcare market is looking for new health technology providers for help, along with mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships. In this new edition of Technology Innovators, we are presenting to you the Top 20 Most Innovative Healthcare Technology Companies in 2019 to help you gain understanding and insight about the innovative technologies in healthcare industry which play an integral role in driving speed, quality, and accuracy, while improving the patient experience. We hope this will help you get opportunities for augmentation and automation in clinical workflows, which allow clinicians and patients to benefit from an aligned financial reimbursement system, new technologies, innovative talent models, and extended locations where care is delivered.

Anne Wojcicki

Co-Founder & CEO


Peter Hickey


Adaptiiv Medical Technologies

Clay Wilemon

CEO & Chairman

4L Data Intelligence™

John Lefkowits


Advanced Entry

Recai Serdar Gemici, CEO

Serdar Gemici


Albert Health

Roger Johnston



Josef Scheiber

MD & Founder


Jacob Lee


CAIDE Systems

Kristen Valdes

Founder And CEO

b.well™ Connected Health

Sigi Marmorstein

Founder & CEO


Terry Rowinski

President and CEO

Health Payment Systems

Shani Toledano

Co-Founder & CEO

HT BioImaging

Gil Blander, PhD

Founder & CSO

InsideTracker (Segterra)

Michael Wang

Founder & CEO


Christopher J. Ianelli,


iSpecimen Inc.

Yasir Ali

Co-Founder & CEO


Dirk Wagener


Stone Three Healthcare

Scotty Jones


Sterile Geeks VR

Dr. Vasiliki (Vicky) Demas



Gabriela Fuentes


Transmural Biotech S.L