PatientPop: Easing the Patient Journey
Luke Kervin, Co-founder & Co-CEO, PatientPop

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Easing the Patient Journey

The pursuit of excellence for Luke Kervin began from a real-life experience that triggered his search for an effective healthcare solution. As an expectant father, Kervin was disappointed with the inconvenient long doctor waits, rushed visits, surprise bills, and in their case, an overlooked test result that could have been disastrous for his wife’s pregnancy.

“As a father, I was very concerned, but the entrepreneur in me saw an opportunity,” recalls Kervin. He learned the key issue in healthcare is the increasing pressures of running a private practice, which distracts providers from doing  what they do best—caring for patients. “This clearly required a solution that provides convenience, ridiculously good customer service, and incredible value.”

From the e-commerce world that Kervin worked in previously, these things were already present. However, he saw that healthcare was not at all consumer-friendly. “With changing customer expectations, the existing technology solutions were not affordable to implement. This led me and my business partner to create a new category of software for healthcare providers called Practice Growth.”

Helping Practices Thrive

“We work towards alleviating these issues with the right people, process, and technology,” says Kervin. Focusing on managing the patient journey from the first impression all the way until the examining room, the Practice Growth platform helps practices thrive by improving the patient experience. “More specifically, we help practices attract, engage, and retain patients for life.”

By focusing on managing the patient journey from the first impression online to the scheduled appointment, and with post-visit communications, the Practice Growth platform helps practices thrive by improving the patient experience.

It starts with ensuring that patients can easily find a doctor online. “We do that by managing their profiles across the web on 75 different sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Healthgrades,” notes Kervin.

PatientPop practices also have a mobile-enabled website designed to convert visitors into patients, along with online scheduling—similar to OpenTable—that allows patients to schedule an appointment 24/7.


Positive Impact

Kervin’s previous e-commerce experience has also helped the team at PatientPop apply best practices to healthcare, starting with driving transaction online while managing and optimizing every step of the patient journey.

As a positive person by nature, Kervin believes in building a team culture that learns and grows fast from failure. He says, “Set extremely high goals, work hard, be nice to people, and never be comfortable—these are the standards that I set for myself.”

Company: PatientPop


Management: Luke Kervin, Co-founder & Co-CEO

Founded Year: 2014

Headquarters: Santa Monica, CA

Description: The first all-in-one practice growth platform for healthcare providers

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