CellTrust Corporation: Global Mobile RegTech
Sean Moshir, Co-founder & CEO, CellTrust Corporation

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Global Mobile RegTech

“Make sure you are passionate about your business idea and love what you do,” says Sean Moshir, Co-founder & CEO of CellTrust. CellTrust is a leading provider of secure, compliant mobile communication for enterprises around the world. CellTrust’s award-winning security and mobile compliance products are radically transforming the way enterprises communicate and work. But, CellTrust is not the only feather in Moshir’s cap. Over the years Moshir has founded several cybersecurity companies. Each has excelled in its own way. Moshir is a hard-working and versatile person who has a knack for recognizing the raw energy in people. He motivates them to positively channel that energy to reach their full potential. Half of CellTrust’s current staff have worked with him at his previous companies. Their loyalty and knowledge have led CellTrust in developing leading-edge solutions with global reach. So, what has CellTrust planned for the post-pandemic world? Let’s find out!

CellTrust SL2™

Moshir and his team realized early on Fintech was missing certain aspects of secure, compliant mobile communication including SMS/Text archiving. Moshir executed on a strategy to make CellTrust the first company to patent an innovation for secure communication. It is called CellTrust SL2™ and it was developed to securely manage and archive text communications supporting regulatory compliance i.e., Dodd-Frank Act, GLBA, SOX, FINRA, SEC, FCA, and MiFID II. CellTrust SL2 has dominated the broker-dealer-client mobile communications space because of its ability to capture and archive text and voice communication both on personally-owned and corporate-owned devices.

Within one year, CellTrust SL2 had more than 100 enterprise customers with thousands of users across 100+ countries – and a 1900% growth in revenue.

Cybersecurity is always Top of Mind

Moshir is proactive and spends most of his time listening to what his customers want, analyzing the market and anticipating trends where cybersecurity is always top of mind.  This helped him combat one of the top ten worst cyber viruses of all time during the summer of 2001. When the Code Red worm hit, it initiated a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on the White House and many other networks across the world. It cost billions of dollars for the victims. Moshir, who was the CEO of PatchLink at that time, went into immediate action and developed a tool to roll out a patch to stop Code Red in its tracks.

Loyal to Arizona

“I’ve lost count over the last twenty years as to the number of times investors have tried to get me to move one of my companies out of Arizona to California”, says Moshir. He persisted to remain loyal to his home state and began working with the Arizona Technology Council, the Arizona Commerce Authority, as well as Governor Doug Ducey and the Mayor of Scottsdale Jim Lane. His tenacity resulted in building a pipeline of aspiring software engineers and cybersecurity experts in Arizona.

COVID-19 and the Changing Market

The COVID-19 pandemic is abruptly reshaping the way financial institutions work. It continues to be a challenge to deliver world-class financial advisory securely with higher personal engagement. According to Moshir, the best way to resolve this would be through more collaboration across the fintech sector. By helping each other, fintech companies can adapt quicker to the current dynamic global market situation.

Company:  CellTrust Corporation

Website: www.celltrust.com

Management: Sean Moshir, Co-founder & CEO

Founded Year: 2006

Headquarters: Scottsdale, AZ

Description: A global leader in compliant mobile communications, archiving and eDiscovery for the highly regulated financial, government and healthcare industries.

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