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Michael Wang, Founder & CEO, Inspiren

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A Real-World Impact On Patient Care

With a perfect blend of the right skill set and a passion to learn from real-world clinical experience, Michael Wang set out on a purpose-driven journey. As creative and strong-willed as he is, Wang and his team was seeking for a perfect solution that would help practicing clinicians to deliver the best patient care ever. “Our vision guided us with precision to look for those with experience and expertise to create a technology that the world had never seen before.” According to Wang, CEO of Inspiren, developing a care technology and then trying to backtrack its functionalities into solving real problems does not provide a seamless patient experience. Bridging this critical gap in technology that had resulted in preventable negative patient outcomes, Wang along with the team of Inspiren designed a wall-mounted IoT device called iN that uses computer vision, deep learning, and natural body-movement recognition to detect staff presence and monitor threats to patient safety while simultaneously collecting data from other medical devices such as EKGs and ventilators.

Additionally, the environmental sensors in iN detect temperature, brightness, noise, and other aspects of patient comfort. “iN aggregates and intelligently delivers this data in real time via the care teams’ mobile platform, and utilizes nudge theory and gamification to distribute immediate feedback when staff display desirable action.”  The simultaneous collection, aggregation, and real time delivery of physical, environmental, and digital data is unprecedented.

The Journey

From the industrial design, the software platform, the user interface, to the robust data infrastructure of iN, Wang and his team took meticulous care while thinking through every step, every detail, and every possible scenario. “We drew from our real-world clinical experience and we listened to those at the front lines. We worked intimately with our engineers and designers, in extrapolating their extensive knowledge in order to make our vision come to fruition.”

The Focus

Having built his first company at the age of 19, Wang has a vast clinical experience in patient care and healthcare technologies. Being an expert in both nursing and business, Wang looks at the current healthcare market as a fragmented segment that lacks standardization. “Despite the advanced technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, there is not a clear and definitive path to structure, utilize, and leverage Big Data.” In a hyper connected world, Inspiren’s flagship solution, iN, intelligently analyzes data across the care continuum to provide unparalleled insights to care and safety. This was possible by a detailed understanding of the actual, practical, and clinical needs of the healthcare companies.

Wang, in fact, believes “listening and learning” from front-line clinicians to be the true inspiration in creating technologies that impact patients. “As much as we know the industry, we ought to know the people working in the space. Only then will your vision be guided to solve the problems.”

Michael Wang, Founder & CEO

The Team

Being a problem-solver by nature, Wang has a relentless drive to manage his team, holding paramount his value of sacrifice, dedication, and persistence. “It has been one of my life’s greatest joys to be part of the Inspiren team who truly embodies and practices our ethos. In fact, it is noteworthy to mention their effort to really immerse themselves within the clinical and operational environments, and their relentless drive to work together as a well-oiled machine for the good.”

With his strong business skills and the ability to adapt like there is nothing to lose, Wang is nothing less than an influential millennial entrepreneur.

Company: Inspiren


Management: Michael Wang, Founder & CEO

Founded Year: 2016

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Description: A nurse-led technology company, introduces the world’s first cognitive patient care assistant, known as iN.

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