Wisedoc: Its time to evolve from using ancient word processing softwares
Akash Kannegulla, Founder & CEO, Wisedoc

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Wisedoc: Its time to evolve from using ancient word processing softwares and start adopting Wisedoc.

Wisedoc, a software company exclusively for researchers founded by researcher – entrepreneurs Dr. Akash Kannegulla, Bo Wu and tech wizard Andy Garcia to ease the process of documentation, formatting and publishing their complex journals, conference articles and patents. Wisedoc is a cloud-based service that helps academicians and researcher to quickly and easily format their content to the required specifications of journal publishers.

Wisedoc software addresses every requirement of the researchers in content formatting and save time and effort as it is designed and developed based on the first-hand experience of the founders. The genesis of Wisedoc came from the frustration on the disproportionate amount of time and energy spent in shaping up the multitude of technical papers with multiple tables and figures by Akash during his doctoral program years at Oregon State University. With each publication having their own standards and systems, Akash felt he was spending needlessly his valuable time in formatting the various documents to meet the publisher’s demand. However, publish or perish being a criterion for procuring a PHD degree, he along with fellow researcher Bo Wu embarked on setting up the Wisedoc application to simplify the whole documentation procedure. To embrace the entrepreneurial techniques of product development, Akash and Bo pursued a yearlong trail in Oregon State University’s Accelerator and enlisted services of IT man Andy Garcia as Chief Technical Officer to convert his ideas into software application.

An educational technology-based software product of the nature of Wisedoc is the need of the hour in the market. With huge gaps between academia and industrial practices, most business are forced to spend huge amount on training the fresh recruits from universities on various tools used for managing the project, documenting the project, managing the data/files amongst many others. Working knowledge of educational software like Wisedoc will greatly improve the student’s ability to document professionally and give them the edge at the workplace.

Founders of Wisedoc see a great demand emanating from various verticals such as university research labs, undergraduate design projects, patent lawyers and law firms, and industrial research scholars. As these fields publish numerous documents in quick succession, an easy to edit formatting tool will be a huge cost and time saver. Further, the rising trend among the students to opt for Master and Doctoral degrees favours Wisedoc as more the number of publication higher will be need for quick and easy to document tool.

Wisedoc is unique tool that can be used for any kind of technical documentation and even building resumes. It is a pioneer in offering features like auto-formatting, template-to-template conversion, advanced techniques for formatting images & references, and code-free documentation in a single tool. The USP of the tool is unlike its peers it does not require coding knowledge , zero training required for using it and allows to export the documents in .doc(MS Word) and .pdf (Adobe) formats as well. The flexible architecture/foundation and the way its built makes it a one of its kind products. It was developed taking into account the pain points of the students and researchers as well by analysing the drawbacks of other software used for documentation. It was discovered that a researcher using popular word processing software like Ms Word would spend 8 hours of time in just for formatting which is approximately equal to $120 for university based on the student wage. Instead the student would prefer to invest money in auto-formatting software which would save time and effort. Other applications like Latex and Overleaf were either complex to use or did not support features like citations, exports and image resolutions.

Wisedoc creators see a bright future and a wider role in the world of academics and research. They are making constant attempt to evolve and better the product. Research is on to embrace artificial intelligence to automate the technical data analysis and documentation. This would be ground-breaking as the customers would not only save time on formatting but also get insights on the content.

Wisedoc management have a clear vision of how to take the product forward. In the words of Dr. Akash Kannegulla, the CEO of Wisedoc, “The mission towards Wisedoc is to enhance mankind by advancing education and research”. The market strategy of Wisedoc is to license the software to universities as a primary source of revenue and giving as a user subscription as a secondary revenue. They have indigenous methods of marketing their product such as free workshop and training session on the software for students in university, a 100% refund for dissatisfied customers and referral bonus for users bringing others on board. Apart from this, they are actively working with YouTubers and bloggers to promote their product on social media.
Wisedoc has made promising start and has grown from to 4 to 13-member team in less than a year with developers and marketers working remotely throughout the pacific northwest and India. The company won the first place in the speed pitch competition at the 2018 Willamette Angels Conference (WAC), May 17th in Eugene, Oregon. This is just the beginning and with sound technical background, astute entrepreneurs and innovative spirit, it will not be long before the Wisedoc becomes synonymous with research documentation world.

Company: Wisedoc

Website: www.wisedoc.net

Management: Akash Kannegulla, Founder & CEO

Founded Year: 2017

Headquarters: Corvallis, OR

Description: Provides advanced softwares for educational community for faster progress of research and technology, thus the mankind.

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