LiveFreely Inc: BUDDY – Supporting Proactive Aging
Dr. Arthur Jue, CEO, LiveFreely Inc

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LiveFreely Inc: BUDDY - Supporting Proactive Aging

An accomplished and multi-faceted professional, experienced in technology management, talent development, human resources, learning management, leadership and organization development, as well as managing complex projects and leading HRD and IT organizations, Dr. Jue has created a niche for himself in the healthcare sector through digital health. With a love of building diverse teams and championing the evolution of innovative initiatives, he has helped many international companies deliver sustainable results over the years, such as IBM, Oracle, Twilio, and Hyperion. An award-winning filmmaker and concert violinist, he also enjoys serving on corporate boards. In addition, Dr. Jue has co-authored books on leadership, education, talent development, and social media. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Inception of BUDDY by LiveFreely

Says Arthur, in 2009, when his father suffered a stroke and mom passed away shortly thereafter, he and his brother realized that home-based solutions were limited and outdated for monitoring his father’s well-being. “We learned that over 30% of the US are giving at least 19 hours of care per week to over 50 million seniors, that falls are the number one cause of death among the elderly, that 55% of seniors take the wrong medicines or take them late. This 200 billion dollar-a-year problem caused my brother and I to use our 60+ years of combined experience in technology, health, and life sciences and help solve these issues.”

That’s when Arthur developed BUDDY, an AI-driven personal health assistant app that works with smart wearables like Fitbit or the Apple Watch. BUDDY empowers seniors and caregivers to live more free, connected, and independent lives with a greater peace of mind.

Healthcare Challenges Galore

Arthur says that during the pandemic, he also noticed a huge gap in vaccinating vulnerable populations such as homebound seniors and the unhoused. “So, with the resources we had as a digital health company, my brother and I decided to become mobile vaccine and booster providers as a community give-back initiative.” They created a “concierge service,” giving vaccines first to the homeless, eventually becoming the county’s preferred partner for mobile vaccine and booster delivery to senior care centers and to the homebound. The partnership not only opened doors for introducing their digital health app but also enhancing the company’s brand and reputation.

BUDDY’s Solutions

BUDDY monitors, tracks, and alerts caregivers and emergency services of critical health issues in real-time, providing powerful monitoring solutions. BUDDY doesn’t just detect falls, for example, it helps predict and prevent them through Artificial Intelligence. Users wear a BUDDY-enabled smartwatch, and it then sends alerts to family members or designated first responders when health issues occur. “We’re also the first solution to send real-time data to emergency services enroute to an incident. BUDDY’s ability to not just detect and respond to crises, but also predict and prevent them, empowers seniors to age more proactively and enables their support ecosystem to become a true safety net.”

Leadership traits

“For me, passion is a vital leadership trait. Without burning passion and personal purpose as drivers, it can become easy to quit before reaching the tipping-point. Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s a huge reason why we’re focusing on this technology – so that every family can enjoy a greater sense of connectedness with loved ones.” Arthur suggests that healthcare start-ups need to be value-based as well as continuous learners, relentlessly integrating stakeholder and community feedback into their solutions. “Healthcare start-ups should also carefully plan how to cross the chasm from early adoption to widespread usage, which can consume significant resources and effort. We need to be sure that we aren’t just solving problems of today, but problems of tomorrow.”

Success mantras

“As a family, we have a mantra: Service, Leadership, Excellence. Modern business doesn’t have to be a dog-eat-dog culture. In the healthcare sector, we have an opportunity to model ‘conscious capitalism’ where an ethic of care creates greater synergy in organizations, which then creates positive change.”

Company: LiveFreely Inc


Management:  Dr. Arthur Jue, CEO

Founded Year: 2018

Headquarters: San Jose, CA

Description: LiveFreely provides cutting-edge digital health technology solutions that empower seniors and caregivers to take control of aging.

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