DATA H Inc- Transforming science into business
Evandro Barros, CEO, DATA H INC

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DATA H Inc- Transforming science into business

Evandro Barros has always been an entrepreneur, ever since he started his first business at the age of 15 and never stopped since then. In 2015, he discovered Artificial Intelligence, a torrid and overwhelming passion, which opened his vision to the world of innovation. He founded several startups like Synkar, Mentor Mais, Mr. Turing and DATAlife H Inc. He intends to improve human life using Artificial Intelligence. He is the founder, CEO of DATA H Inc- an AI firm that helps companies transform accumulated and dispersed knowledge into algorithms, generating new products, services or improving processes. Evandro’s passion for the application of Deep Reinforcement Learning for operations in the derivatives market, has helped him carve a niche in the industry. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of DATA H

“Companies have struggled to keep up with the technology market while also wanting to innovate. For those thinking about innovating using Artificial Intelligence, this has become even more complicated in recent years” observes Evandro. He adds that since they do not have enough people, time, or money to keep up with a market that moves so quickly, the team decided to create centers that seek to find opportunities, competitive advantages, or the creation of new products based on the accumulated and sometimes scattered data that companies have. That is how DATA H Inc was born.

AI technology – challenges galore

“The world has gone through many transformations, and this has generated many expectations regarding technology. Before starting AI projects, we must understand that this technology still requires a lot of human supervision, especially until the expected results are achieved. There is no magical solution that solves every problem, each case is unique.”

DATA H AI solution

DATA H created the CIC (Continuous Intelligence Core). A subscription service where the company has all the necessary infrastructure from machines to people to transform accumulated data and years of experience into a new service, product or process improvement.

“They don’t need to be concerned about how to apply new technologies or what they can do with the data, we provide a team and a service that can do it in a more affordable way. Many of our clients ended up using this Core to generate new companies. In the last 6 years, we have founded 11 companies through this model.”

Leadership traits

Says this passionate entrepreneur that he considers himself as an Al Alchemist. “Believe in people, bet on them. Companies need to be a place where someone can not only make money but learn, dream and create. I spend my days helping companies to solve problems and see what their team is not seeing.”

“There are no options. I like a quote that says: The best part of success is it just needs to happen once. So, what we do most of the time is to be wrong about something and if you are working with innovation you need to be wrong, because if you are writing you are likely to be too late. You just need to learn how to live with this.”

Noting that the strategy wins and not the technology, Evandro adds, “Don’t think that technology is enough to play this game. It isn’t. At the end of the day what we have is people trying to solve problems, trying to improve their lives, and it doesn’t matter which technology you are using to solve that. So, what is the strategy to make AI something useful?” he quips.





FOUNDED:  2016


 I define myself as an AI alchemist, someone that looks for enhanced human skills through artificial intelligence. Founder and CEO of DATA H Artificial Intelligence, co-founder of the Institute of Applied Artificial Intelligence, and operations manager of Canadian Space Society.
Serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of AI companies like Synkar Autonomous, Noleak Defence, Cymeon, Mr. Turing, Facefactory, and DATAlife.

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