ShipYourCarNow: Automotive sector – Digital Transformation
Gavin Kesten, CEO, ShipYourCarNow

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Ship Your Car Now

A passionate entrepreneur, Gavin Kesten has been in the forefront of the automobile industry. He is the CEO and founder of ShipYourCarNow, a light asset provider offering a full suite of vehicle shipping services and logistics to all types of businesses, moving all types of equipment. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics.


Conception of Ship Your Car Now

The conception of Ship Your Car Now was developed from the need for transparency in the retail auto shipping industry. “Previously, I had used an auto shipping service and had an unpleasant experience. There was no transparency throughout the process. The broker I spoke to charged a fee to my credit card, which was supposed to be the total amount for the shipping. However, when the driver showed up, he demanded cash.” Notes Gavin that this unpleasant experience, coupled with his love for cars, inspired him to create ShipYourCarNow, with a business model that emphasizes full transparency to the clients.

Automotive sector – Digital Transformation

Noting that convenience is something consumers are looking to get more of, Gavin cites the example of buying a car which is akin by most as a visit to the dentist. “Throughout the pandemic, dealers needed to change the dynamic and earn a consumers business, as opposed to the other way around. Right now, car prices are super expensive, and there’s not a lot of inventory. This lack of inventory has increased the need for transport, and we’re seeing a lot of growth there since dealerships are needing to secure inventory that can be further away.”

Technology – The driving factor

Technology is the key differentiating factor for ShipYourCarNow. “We bring convenience and transparency while still offering the highest level of customer service through a SaaS platform specifically built for transport. We developed and built this platform that can quote, book, manage, and invoice the entire transport process for commercial clients. Our integrated solution allows all of our partners to provide their customers with an Amazon type shipping experience, simply choose your price and timing. That said we still do answer the phone for clients looking for a more traditional experience.”

Key Service offerings

“What sets us apart from the competition is our technology, transparency, and customer service. We are constantly looking for the next evolution of our industry. We anticipated early on that auto shoppers were going to ask for a completely online purchasing experience long before the pandemic.” The company designed an integrated shipping process to fit seamlessly within that experience, today with more than 400 installs we are leading the industry.

Leadership traits

A self-driven leader, Gavin recommends that as a leader, one must have a passion for what you do and seek to make an impact. “This dynamic leadership is the driving force for your team’s motivation and achievement. It’s also crucial to invest time to improve your self-development. We have a growth mindset here at ShipYourCarNow, always seeking to improve anywhere we can. In addition to this, I’m big on transparency. Being honest and open with your team is essential.”I try not to fear anything. Fear is a debilitating and negative emotion, it doesn’t serve an entrepreneur well. The first step in getting over a fear is to develop a strategy to conquer it. I always seek to have a positive outlook. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. My advice to those who are worried about failure is just to stay calm in the moment. Failure is a large part of learning. You can’t succeed without failure. Gavin suggests that one should never stop learning. “Knowledge is power. There’s never a day where I don’t try to learn something new. Be fearless in the way you approach things. Keep your purpose in perspective. Nothing will happen unless you make it happen.”

Company: ShipYourCarNow


Management: Gavin Kesten, CEO

Founded Year: 2009

Headquarters: Boca Raton, Florida

Description: Industry leader in the car transportation business using technology to provide real-time pricing through AI.

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