How technology aids growth of automotive industry

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Any significant technological innovation in the automobile industry may be linked back to automobiles technology research. Automatic windows, adaptive cruise control, electronic ignition, and more are all covered under this umbrella! Few technologies have been explained below.

Data Analytics & Big Data

Advanced data analytics influences many decisions all through the lifecycle of an automobile in the era of big data. Vehicle data enables informs fleet management, predictive maintenance also alerts concerned authorities in the event of an accident. Furthermore, customer automotive information is used to boost sales, improve supply chains, and improve product design for modern automobiles.

Procon Analytics

Is a company that specializes in data analytics. Procon Analytics, a firm established in the United States, uses big data to provide an automotive loan solution. The technology takes and analyses massive amounts of data in real-time, allowing lenders to evaluate and decrease risk in real-time. This enables Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) businesses to grow and give loans to high-risk customers. This also includes software for the fleet as well as asset tracking, and also networked vehicles.


Is a Swiss business that provides digital services for a variety of industries using big data and analytics. For the automobile industry, the firm creates predictive models which push automakers to enhance their marketing and operations in order to maximize revenue. Such models include information on product design, pricing, and after-sales support.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) 

Is a term that refers to Self-driving automobiles and linked cars will radically alter how drivers interface with cars as the automotive landscape evolves. To drive automobiles, human-machine interfaces (HMI) use voice-based or else haptic input. These broaden the range of what and how components of an automobile can be controlled by users. As a result, such user interfaces make driving safer and much more pleasurable. Smart virtual assistants are another type of HMI that aids drivers as well as riders in interacting with automobiles and many other service providers.


Awayr is a start-up established in the United States that creates human-machine interfacing for automobiles, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as well as robots. The firm collaborates with vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to shorten HMI production schedules and improve interface safety. Awayr also creates solutions for managing driver focus in unusual scenarios, such as self-driving cars.

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