AppsCo: Revolutionizing Blockchain Industry

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AppsCo: Revolutionizing Blockchain Industry

AppsCo, an international blockchain & Employee Management company combines the interdisciplinary capabilities in the field and use innovations to deliver quick solutions across sectors. The company’s blockchain technology provides enterprises, access to applications and services, using a secure workplace that connect users, cloud services and connected devices across various industries. Its unique technology offers a platform for securing production data, measurement values etc. It deploys technology that is vertical-agnostic and is a key component to digital transformation.

The Entrepreneurial Streak

A specialist in business software, technology outsourcing and cyber security with more than 20 years of experience in the technology field, Geir Christian is a true entrepreneur. He has created several technology companies in Norway, USA, Slovakia and Serbia, with an industrial exit in HR software. Said Geir Christian, that he has always been an entrepreneur. “I think I have always been an entrepreneur by spirit and can easily and creatively see and propose solutions for problems.” He cited examples of how he, along with some friends initiated a floor hockey club Greåker IBK at the age of 16. “A few years later, we won the gold medal in the Norwegian Championship as a playing coach before my journey went further into Ice hockey,” he noted.

Stint with AppsCo 

Noting that the existence of too much data at the workplace is a challenge, Geir noted that AppsCo tried to solve this problem. The company provides the flexibility for entrepreneurs and companies to simplify its HR and IT solutions under one single platform. Geir noted that this helped them get rid of the manual work. He added, “I’m now launching AppsCo One – AppsCo provides a secure Employee Management platform to safely manage access, employees, apps and more – all in one placeThis platform would ensure that your data would be protected with our Data Protection Tool by giving you the key to your data, verified by blockchain. This solution will be a new way for creating a zero-trust-network and if we are hacked, we do not expose your data.”

We have Global expansion plans with main markets in North America and Europe. We are also expanding in the MENA region through our partnership with Annex Investments and Mr Ahmed Nasser Al Nowais from Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Synergizing Energies between Various Industries

Geir observed that various industries like finance, utility, education, telecom, healthcare, BOP etc are facing unique challenges in terms of digital transformation. “They need to change fast, if not, they will not be relevant or be able to create revenue growth. They need to focus on enabling more services in a secure manner.” Noting that there is a need to protect data differently today, Geir added that blockchain technology will play a large role in this. “Although I focus on businesses, I think data privacy is needing to be a basic human right. Our so-called democracy will rely on it.”

Future Forecast for Blockchain Industry

Noting that the recent pandemic will result in increase of demand for products and services within the block chain sector, Geir observed that this would become a boom for the industry.

Highest Professional Fete

A giver, Geir believed in giving back to the society. He noted, “I consider the joy of creating over 100 jobs as one of my biggest professional fetes. I wish to create a lot more and are passionate about data privacy”

A Word of Advice

Observing that the journey of an entrepreneur is usually a high-risk path and a lonely one, Geir felt that designing your Market Value Product (MVP) and selling it to the customer is a good way to start off with. “You must know that people want to pay for your product and that it’s a need. After that distribution is a key. Create partnership but protect yourself so you don’t make a competitor,” he signed off.

Company: AppsCo Inc


Management: Geir Christian Karlsen, CEO

Founded Year: 2017

Headquarters: Oslo, Oslo

Description: Appsco helps you manage access to your company applications and gives you meaningful insights over sensitive data flow.

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