BioVariance GmbH: Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics
Josef Scheiber MD & Founder, BioVariance

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Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics

Medical errors are as fatal as terminal diseases. Often numerous patients die due to the recurring medical errors in the healthcare systems. The modern healthcare sector is continuously challenged with this festering issue as they strive to deliver safe and higher quality care.

“From approximately 7.5 billion human genomes, each one of them responds differently to drugs. As a result, incorrect medications are prescribed, leading to inefficient treatment and medicine side effects,” points out Dr. Josef Scheiber, Managing Director and Founder of BioVariance GmbH. This is especially true in the case of complex diseases, where patients experience difficulty to understand and follow the complicated medical instructions suggested by the physicians, thereby causing severe health issues. The need of the hour is to have a holistic approach to handle and manage large volumes of data and gain actionable insight out of it to remedy medical errors, improve patient health, and minimize medical cost. Enters BioVariance GmbH—a company that aims to personalize and improve patient health by generating relevant data insight and placing them in the right context.

BioVariance uses its biomedical data analytics capabilities to predict how a patient with complex or chronic disease will react to a medical treatment based on the patient’s DNA. With this data insight, physicians choose the best compatible medication and prescribe the right dosage for the patient, minimizing side effects and ineffectiveness of drugs. Headquartered in Waldsassen, Bavaria, BioVariance revolutionizes the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology sectors by analyzing complex biomedical data and developing customized software. The company employs special algorithm and machine learning technology to automate complex analytical processes in their customized software pipeline and develop accurate prediction models out of the data. “We analyze and decipher biomedical data analytics to predict a patient’s reaction to the given treatment,” says Scheiber. These models help healthcare institutes to identify and treat diseases more quickly, all the while improving patient health by adjusting therapy to patient-specific needs.

Moreover, the company’s mobile app, Pillbox, facilitates therapy monitoring outside the clinic, which helps in detecting any complications early. The app reminds patients to take medicines on time and monitors the progress of the treatment through further documentation. It allows the users to share medical history, symptoms, side effects, health status, and problems with the physician. Additionally, Pillbox comes equipped with an integrated chat box that lets users to directly contact the physician, in case of any medical related issues. Available in both Android and iOS version, the app is loaded with an integrated barcode and other features. It also supports physicians to select the fitting medication for an individual patient based on age, weight, gender.

BioVariance’s ability to draw useful information out of large chunks of genetic data and enable personalized care is in fact noteworthy, setting it above the competition curve. The selection of suitable databases and tools combined with years of industry experience have enabled BioVariance to specialize in the process of extracting therapy-relevant information from the DNA. In an attempt to personalize and improve patient health real time by using relevant data in the right context, BioVariance is transforming the healthcare sector, harnessing its advanced data analytics power. “It is this power, combined with therapy monitoring, that helps us to improve the quality of care, reduce the duration and frequency of hospital stays, and curtail the number of wrong prescriptions and side effects of medications,” concludes Scheiber. For the days to come, the company plans to provide individual therapy recommendations for metabolic and neuropsychiatric diseases.

Company: BioVariance GmbH


Management: Dr. Josef Scheiber, MD & Founder

Founded Year: 2013

Headquarters: Waldsassen, Bavaria

Description: A company that aims to personalize and improve patient health by generating relevant data insight and placing them in the right context.

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