Balancing the Impact of Advertisements Against the Depth of Narrative Storytelling in Effective Communication Strategies

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This highly competitive world totally depends on show off. Audience always wishes to watch something better something creative, and day by day ad’s creativity is increasing, making it attention seeking, but does attention is enough to convince the audience to avail your services or buy your products? Not of course. Today’s audience is really practical and they don’t like to opt new things until it connects with them in any manner. Just an ad is just an informative piece that makes your audience aware about your products or services but a sensible and sensitive story helps each of your targeted customers to connect with your brand emotionally and bring them closer to it.

It is predicted that 80% of any company’s revenue can be generated only by the 20% of its targeted audience and the challenge that retail sector faces today is to convince that 20% audience to turn into user. A powerful story is potent enough to convince them and keep them connected with the brand.

What makes story a best option?

Story or a feeling always works; if you don’t believe then just date back yourself to the emergence of today’s biggest social media platform: Facebook. This platform was initially started with a crowd of very less people and the intention was sharing their experiences, stories, and so on. Within a span of only a decade it climbed up to the highest level of success, being parent of other most used social media channel too.

So you also allow your targeted audience or existing customers to share their experiences and stories directly on your platform then it will give a really great impact on your sales acceleration and brand building.

When you talk about your product or service it just seems like an ad and audience nowhere find a reason to quit their existing brand to opt yours one. Instead when other folks starts talking about your product or services it also gives genuine face to your ad and it is also never forget that your customers are not only the one who increases your revenue by availing your product or services but also does by branding it with their experiences with your brand.

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