B24chat: Transforming the Current Retail Ecosystem
Valery Migirov, CEO, B24chat

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Transforming the Current Retail Ecosystem

Valery Migirov, CEO, B24chat, an e-commerce platformthat offers a marketplace for international and local businesses globally, is one of the leading global experts in the fields of AI, blockchain, payment systems, and e-commerce. With his 20 years of expertise in international business and consulting, Valery is responsible for B24chat’s B2B and B2C operations including its AI/Cognitive Computing (CC) for e-commerce. With over 50,000 member-companies from 37 countries, the portal has bolstered relationships with more than 200 chambers of commerce and business associations. With over five years of proven success on the market, B24Online has won hordes of awards too. In an interview, Valery speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts from the interview:

B24chat – The History Behind

B24chat is a one-stop-shop and a marketplace of tech solutions for SMB, enterprise, and retail needs. “We continue to focus on platform, the ecosystem, for creation and realization of business requirements, enhancing customer experience and realizing every digital dream, on our platform. The company’s B24chat NON-CODE platform aims at creating a community for startups to help them realize any business idea” says Valery. “As an innovative retail solution, our AI provides the solution to create any business idea in minutes, using simple, convenient methods. Company can create its new currency (e-credits/ bonus, non-license), community messenger with P2P and multi-merchant marketplace in 30 minutes flat.”

The Platforms

B24Chat is an ecosystem for Automation and AI Agents, AI-based omnichannel, conversational marketing automation, and adaptive chatbot platform. These platforms create smart automation in sales and customer services using NLP, personalization, and recommendations. “It helps to increase conversion rates and sales, make human resources savings, optimize customer service, and improve user experiences including integration with portals, CRM, ERP, messengers groups like WhatsApp, GMB, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, automation of SMS, web push, mail.”

The Platform learning by itself from the company’s content as products, services, news items, etc. uses the information in conversation with customers on the set scenarios. Multi merchant platform, Customer Data Management (CDM), Loyalty program, BI & Cross-channel analytics are few of the other platforms available within the portal. “The platform is flexible and can integrate into the personal robot’s, touch, and promo screens and smart POC to recognize and create interactive conversation,” notes Valery.

AI-Based Consumer Insights

Today, every company strives for automation in marketing, sales, service, support, and task management with personalization. Using NLP technology, bot, understands customer needs. “Combined with a smart AI recommendation system, a bot can recommend products and services by understanding the needs in time and situation. “AI provide us the ability to personalize communications with customers. Omnichannel makes it possible to communicate with clients in a way that is convenient for them, at the same time not having to download an additional app. Combination of solutions increase sales revenue, decreases service time and maximizing customer success.”

The platform is also working on developing a new set of web applications. “Using Bot builder, we develop tools to create website, mobile app & bot in one platform.”

Flagship Product

The company’s flagship project, a B2B2C portal, runs in collaboration with Promall – a company that manages more than 25 malls and shopping centers in Israel. The project provides innovative platform for managing the company’s assets and collecting quality leads. “We have also developed a multi-merchant marketplace for malls, stores and 43 retail chains in malls, coupled by automation and smart bots for creating interaction with customers.”

Challenges Galore

Valery notes that the most challenging part for the retail giant is the need to integrate all systems into one omnichannel conversational AI Platform. “We are witnessing global retail digitalization. There is a need to integrate online and offline modes together, collecting data, using not only interests but social & emotional user data.”

Leadership Traits

“I believe in hard work and never giving up. Even in very difficult times, we continued to work and develop.” A persistence, visionary and a dreamer, Valery believes in what he does and strives hard to be successful. “Believe in yourself and, first, in your team. Of course, analyze the market and the relevance of your product in terms of need, timeliness, and price” he signs off.

Company: B24chat

Website: www.b24chat.com

Management: Valery Migirov, CEO

Founded Year: 2019

Headquarters: Beer-Sheva, Israel

Description: B24chat is an AI-based omnichannel eCommerce portal that offers chatbot and conversational marketing automation, enabling a global marketplace for enterprises and retailers.

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