Navjoy: The Innovative Blend
Navin Nageli, President & CEO, Navjoy

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The Innovative Blend

In an era where technology has shaped the major part of the smart city innovation, companies now have endless opportunities to design new and improved solutions and stay ahead of the competition curve. “However, with great power, comes great responsibility! Innovation and technology should be applied correctly to make an immediate impact and huge differences in the industry. Too often, we see shiny objects with no immediate impact or value,” notes Navin Nageli, President & CEO, Navjoy. Being a passionate innovator, it is Nageli’s vision to transform the smart city industry by empowering companies to exponentially improve transportation operations through his technology firm, Navjoy.

The Problem and the Solution

Today, there is an immense amount of technology involved with transportation and a great deal of reliance on IT and public safety for operations of the transportation network. Even so, the major challenges with regards to data and information silos have adversely affected the growth of the industry. “Oftentimes, data resides in silos within agencies across the sectors which can be actionable intelligence to operate the transportation network. Also, there is a lack of information about data and assets that hinders the operators from generating analytics in real-time,” says Nageli. This is where Navjoy innovative smart city solution suite comes in. They help Public Agencies with Situational Awareness, analytics and business intelligence support, alleviating the pain of information silos.

“We believe Navjoy as an organization exists to create efficiency and business agility for our clients.” The key of success, for Nageli lies in building relationships by listening to his clients and clearly understanding their goals, needs, and frustrations related to their work. “We help clients by providing direction and clarity and demonstrating unwavering commitment throughout each endeavor.

For instance, Navjoy cloud solutions were developed primarily as they recognized the need in the marketplace to address the complex challenges across geographical and organizational boundaries. The company’s extensive cloud solutions include AssetGov (Asset management platform across agency boundaries), SmartDataGov (Real-time data sharing platform), ResponderGov (Real-time traffic incident management platform for first responders), WorkZoneGov (Real-time workzone information management platform), and QuarterMasterGov (Real-time public safety assets management).

Right Team for the Right Cause

“The truth is I cannot accomplish my vision without others. I need to find team members who are equally as motivated and trustworthy as me, who see the big picture and are willing to act with a sense of urgency,” says Nageli. As a leader, you must take complete and full responsibility for everything within your organization—good, bad and sometimes, the ugly.”

Be an Observer of Your Industry

With full of positivity, courage, and persistence, Nageli strongly believes in being an ardent observer of the industry to make revolutionary impact in the market. “People and organizations in the same industry think and act similar. The moment you begin to observe your industry, it becomes very clear how we all subscribe to the same. You need to borrow industry ideas from other industries if you want to make major changes in your own industry.”

From a business point of view, the focus is not to seek incremental efficiencies but for exponential benefits. “Once that mind shift occurs, you and the organization automatically gravitate toward solutions that can have a profound impact,” states Nageli.


Company: Navjoy


Management: Navin Nageli, President & CEO

Founded Year: 2003

Headquarters: Golden, Colorado

Description: A leading smart city technology solution and service provider. We specialize in identifying, evaluating and implementing technologies that assist your agency’s vision and goals. 

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