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Herd-itt: develops remote cattle system to decrease cattles’ Methane (CH4) toxic greenhouse gas emission by 20%  

Ilan Arbel, CEO, Herd-itt

Herd-itt: develops remote cattle system to decrease cattles’ Methane (CH4) toxic greenhouse gas emission by 20%

Ilan Arbel, CEO, Herd-itt: “I’m very concerned that we are facing the “Law of pollution conservation” in parallel to the “Law of Energy conservation”, and if I’m right – (hope not) the world might be in trouble if we don’t address this quickly.”

Ilan Arbel, the founder and CEO of Herd-itt, is an Israeli engineer and mathematician, with 35 years of experience in developing algorithms for AI and optimization of discrete processes. Winner of an Israeli Government Award for science and recipient of an Israeli Government gold medal for creative thinking, Ilan is at the helm of affairs at Herd-itt. Herd-itt has developed a first of its kind system, combining a unique IP and AI integrated platform with an advanced IoT Collar and drone, increasing yield and alerting in cases of illness, epidemic and theft of large cattle herds. This significantly helps in saving operational costs, while monitoring the Methane (CH4) toxic emissions produced by the cattle. The technology, which also assists in preservation of endangered wildlife, is targeting a multi-billion market, and is already being sold worldwide. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of Herd-itt 

Herd-itt tackles various issues including pandemics, cows’ physiological behavior, and mostly the Methane (CH4) emission of greenhouse gases produced by the cows, which creates 84 more times the toxic greenhouse gases than the CO2 produced by car engines. Says Ilan that cows are responsible for 14-16% of the greenhouse gas emission in the world, and their system is designed to reduce that emission by 20%. Reduction of 20% of cows’ pollution will bring a significant reduction of 3% of the overall green gas pollution in the world.  “Assuming there are 1 billion cows world-wide, with $50 collar price per cow, we can reduce the green-gas emission by 3% with only a $50B budget. We are doing this trough out unique collar that mounts on the cow’s neck, and with a very sophisticated sensor led by a very strong AI machine. This enables us to identify medical events inside the animal organs and also monitor the volume of the cattle’s Methane (CH4) emission.”

Advantages of the solution for cattle’s growers:

The solution offers a plethora of benefits- it provides real-time SMS alert to farmers’ mobiles thus alerting them on cattle theft, location, herd counting etc. It has also helped increase cattle yield by 15-20%, while reducing cattle growth operational costs by 10-25%. The solution has helped cattle’s behavior monitoring (walking, grazing, laying, in-heat (estrus), live/dead etc.) and churning out full-life history events file of these animals.

Leadership traits

Ilan says that he was always a very ambitious professional when it comes to solving critical issues. “Reducing the emission of the cow’s greenhouse gas pollution is today one of the critical issues. Toxic cow emissions bring more pollution, and cow pandemics bring much more pollution, and this has been waiting to be resolved for years.” Says this professional that his never give up attitude has helped him overcome failures in life. “You should be tough. To be sure, you will fail many times on the road before you make it” advises Ilan.