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Top 25 FinTech CEOs of 2022

Increasingly focused on customer outcomes, FinTech has the ability to provide tailored, actionable advice to investors with greater ease of access and at lower cost. Today, from run-of-the-mill tasks like depositing checks, moving money among accounts, and paying bills, FinTech encompasses technically intricate concepts like peer-to-peer lending or crypto exchanges.

Part of the reason FinTech has the ability to streamline traditionally clunky processes is because it’s based in ones and zeros versus human skills and opinions. While many FinTech platforms include elements of both traditional brokers/advisors and algorithms, others help users navigate financially complex tasks without interacting with a real, live human at all. There also are plenty of FinTechs mobilizing to help customers stay afloat amid the financial turmoil caused by the pandemic.

Since the internet revolution and the mobile internet/smartphone revolution, however, FinTech has grown explosively. Today, it is officially a major player in the global economy, business landscape and fabric of modern society at large.

The combination of streamlined offerings with technology enables FinTech companies to be more efficient and cut down on costs associated with each transaction. In this edition of Technology Innovators, we bring to you the Top 25 FinTech CEOs of 2022.

Andy Cheung,  Founder

Andy Cheung, Founder

AC Ventures

AC Ventures invests in, builds, and incubates blockchain and web3 projects.

Ross James,  Founder & CEO

Ross James, Founder & CEO


Accloud provides management information systems with accounting and business management tools hosted in the clouds.

Santiago Suarez,  CEO

Santiago Suarez, CEO


Addi is a technology company that provides credit and banking solutions.

Rom Lakritz,  CEO

Rom Lakritz, CEO


Anchor is an autonomous billing platform that redefines B2B billing, collections, and payments.

Sean Moshir, Co-founder & CEO

Sean Moshir, Co-founder & CEO

CellTrust Corporation

A global leader in compliant mobile communications, archiving, and eDiscovery for the highly regulated financial, government and healthcare industries.

Lincoln Ross, President & CEO

Lincoln Ross, President & CEO


CircleBlack is a financial technology firm that provides wealth management solutions for a superior advisor experience.

Nico Simko,  Co-founder & CEO

Nico Simko, Co-founder & CEO


Clair is a mission-driven fintech that gives America’s workers fee-free access to their earnings via On-Demand Pay.

Mark Højgaard, Co-founder CEO

Mark Højgaard, Co-founder CEO


Coinify is a global virtual currency player offering two-way virtual currency to fiat conversion services for businesses and individuals.

Andrew Peek,  CEO & Co-founder

Andrew Peek, CEO & Co-founder


Delphia is building the world’s first investment strategy that anyone will be able to improve with their data.

Philipp Adrian Pohlmann,  Co-Founder & CEO

Philipp Adrian Pohlmann, Co-Founder & CEO


Denario is an integrated B2B Payments experience that helps SMBs & Startups improve their cash flow.

John Gallagher,  CEO

John Gallagher, CEO

Element Finance

Element Finance is a boutique growth finance company that invests in and lends to SaaS and recurring revenue companies.

Günter Hehenfelder,  CEO & Founder

Günter Hehenfelder, CEO & Founder


Findustrial is an IoT-based financial platform that enables subscription based business models for industrial customers.

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Jeffery Yabuki, CEO

Jeffery Yabuki, CEO


A leading global provider of financial services technology solutions.

Joanne Dewar,  CEO

Joanne Dewar, CEO

Global Processing Services

A global payments processor offering award-winning payment processing and industry-leading technology in payments and fintech.

Theo Cesarini,  Founder & CEO

Theo Cesarini, Founder & CEO


incard is an all-in-one financial Super App that helps digital businesses scale by offering tailored-made payment and management solutions

Aviram Shahar, Co-Founder & CEO

Aviram Shahar, Co-Founder & CEO


Lendlord helps property investors manage their investments and access the right financing faster & easier

Carl Streck,  CEO

Carl Streck, CEO


The world leader in commercial real estate services. Experience you can trust.

Michael Juul Rugaard, Partner & CEO

Michael Juul Rugaard, Partner & CEO


Norfico is the leading Nordic strategic advisory and communications/PR agency with a 100% focus on all things fintech.

Rutger Selin,  CEO

Rutger Selin, CEO


Helps Swedes eliminate pension agony by offering savings in a simpler and more fun way.

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Brad Garlinghouse, CEO

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO

Ripple Labs Inc

Ripple provides one frictionless experience to send money globally using the power of blockchain.

Evan Singer,  CEO

Evan Singer, CEO


SmartBiz Loans is a unique combination of an online SBA loan marketplace and a bank enabling technology platform.

Ken Kruszka, CEO & Founder

Ken Kruszka, CEO & Founder


A high speed, highly secure, and universally accepted solution dedicated to eliminating paper checks.

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Jack Dorsey, CEO

Jack Dorsey, CEO


Square is a merchant services aggregator and mobile payment company that aims to simplify commerce through technology.

Patrick Wood Uribe, CEO

Patrick Wood Uribe, CEO


Util is a London-based financial technology company on a mission to change the way the world invests.

Matteo Masserdotti, CEO & Co-founder

Matteo Masserdotti, CEO & Co-founder


Viceversa provides capital to European digital businesses to support companies in sustainable and ethical growth.

Who all can be leveraged by fintech industry

Who all can be leveraged by fintech industry?

Finance is one of the major sections of each and every sector regardless of their business domains. It’s been a part of each business since traditional age when accounts were only done on the papers, but now the time has grown to a technological level where everything is automated then why not finance sector. With the flying time and growing using of technology, finance sector has undergone great changes and now it is used to automate a number of financial activities and make it easier for business and common folks too. Finance technology, more commonly known as fintech is a very commonly known name but hardly few are well aware of each and every benefit it offers. Fintech is a vast sector with a number of operations sorting capital management in various ways. There are a number of fintech users but they are totally different from one another in terms of objective, type of use and many more. This states that fintech industry is serving a number of distinct requirements with appropriate solutions. Finance management is very crucial aspect for a business to operate smoothly and generate revenue.

Robo-Advisor and its key benefits in Fintech

Robo-Advisor and its key benefits in Fintech

Financial planning is the backbone for every type of business to operate efficiently with achieve targeted objective. A single mistake in the financial records or planning can drag the growth of an organization to zero. As a solution, Robo-Advisors serve a digital platform with automated functions backed up with algorithm-driven financial planning services. This digital platform allow to automate the procedure with least or can be said no human supervision. A question might be nudging your mind, “How a digital platform can be able to plan financial operations?” It is a worth question that must be answered before using such a high tech platform. The mechanism of Robo-Advisor is very simple which involves information gathering from client about their financial state and then conducting a thorough study over the market based on the future objective of the client. Output of all such study and surveys are used as input by this platform to take financial decisions and investing client’s assets automatically. Investing is a boon for an organization or an individual, but hardly people have any idea about investment. So, when they plan to invest their money for a better ROI, the very first solution hit their mind is wealth advisory team.

Technologies that contributes in fintech sector

Technologies that contributes in fintech sector

Finance sector has grown to a large extent and the word fintech itself states a great combination of finance and technology. Business operations need to be speed paced to match the current requirements and fintech allows the business operations to enhance the operations and financial services. Fintech has improved the way finance was dealing with the common life, now it has supported professional and personal lives with easy mobile payments, cryptocurrency, automated investment apps, crowd funding platforms and many more. There are multiple technologies which are responsible for the boosting of fintech sector. To know more about the technologies involved in embracing this sector, continue reading. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are most important technologies which play a major role in finance industry to make it potent enough to serve in much better manner. Fintech applications that include artificial intelligence are fraud detection, credit scoring, wealth management, regulatory compliance, and many more. Most of the financial operation includes repetitive tasks. Robotic process automation assists to enhance the procedure and make it swift by automating such procedures. Most used applications of RPA in fintech sector are listed below:

Use Of Blockchain Technology In Fintech Sector

Use Of Blockchain Technology In Fintech Sector

Blockchain is one of the swiftly emerging technologies in present world and none of the sector is untouched from this extravagantly amazing technology. Especially this technology is having a great emphasis on fintech sector. In current era, almost 77% of financial service providers are incorporating blockchain technology to enhance their service qualities. If integrated in the right manner, blockchain can bring robustness to any large retail banks. To know how blockchains are helping fintech sector, first you need to understand what is blockchain and how does it work? It is a public ledger which is built by collecting all data available on internet. The information in the blockchain is not confined to any number, name or address, rather it comprises details about the transfer of money, personal identities, official or nonofficial agreements between different parties. Each information in this structure is stored in the form of blocks with a capacity of 1MB each. KYC is one of the biggest aspects in national stock exchange sector. It allows banking industry to record electronic details about each transaction along with authentication and verification. In this process, blockchains is the backbone which allows the finance sector to record and track the details efficiently.


Fintech and the emergence of finance technology

Fintech may sound very different but in simple language it is financial technology. Along with other business sectors, technology has a great impact on banking and finance sector too. A number of business sectors are deploying Fintech for a better performance. Actually Fintech is transforming the money transaction procedures and helping companies to make it online with an automated data saving about each transaction made or received. The emergence of this technology has also impacted customers and their usage. Nothing comes out immediately but an innovation is a result of requirements. Fintech is also a result of a number of changes occurred in various industries and lifestyle of targeted audiences. On a side of this world, every sector is highly influenced with the technological growth and is implementing it in some or other way. This is a fast paced era where every sector is moving at a fastest speed and to intact the operations they need finance technology which can match up their speed and serve them with an instantaneous result. In olden day customers were habitual of going door to door and searching for the best solution for their requirements.