Telemedicine – The New Frontier of Healthcare
Vijay Vonguru, CEO, Vesta TeleRadiology

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Telemedicine - The New Frontier of Healthcare

“I consider myself an entrepreneur, innovator, and strategic thinker with strong organizational skills,” says Vijay Vonguru, President of Vesta Teleradiology. Vesta Teleradiology provides teleradiology coverage to diagnostic centers, hospitals, and mobile x-ray companies. The company specializes in crafting tailor-made telemedicine solutions for specific healthcare needs. As a result of the team’s ability, Vesta Teleradiology has crafted multiple Telemedicine services in Cardiology, Psychology, Neurology, Dermatology, Pulmonology, and ICU. Vesta Teleradiology now offers services in all 50 states in the USA and caters to international clients as well.

Capitalizing the pandemic opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic situation has made telemedicine more relevant. Besides, the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) offered reimbursement for Telemedicine services. This kick-started a prolific demand for Telemedicine. However, many companies weren’t prepared to scale up. “Even though there were problems with the technology itself, those constituted only a small percentage of overall problems patients faced,” says Vonguru. “The biggest issue was preparing providers and patients for the shift to telemedicine and meeting their expectations.” Since Vesta Teleradiology was mastering telemedicine for years, they quickly prepared material for the users to navigate the system with a clear understanding. This was a hit! It was a true milestone in the company’s history.

Constant iteration for improvement

In all his projects, Vonguru and his team ensure that feedback is frequently gathered to find areas of improvement. “We indulge in a constant iterative process of improvement to make the process better each day,” says Vonguru. This approach ensured the best services for Vesta Teleradiology’s clients despite other telemedicine companies struggling to gain a foothold in the pandemic world. Vesta Teleradiology has also partnered with AI and Machine Learning companies to make use of AI algorithms to provide better interpretations for patients.

Technology is just an enabler

Telemedicine offers a lot of potential and entrepreneurs are jumping onto the bandwagon. The biggest mistake startups do is to focus too much on the technology and less on patient experience. “Technology is just an enabler and if we don’t pay enough attention to ease of use, good customer service, and quality providers, the systems are bound to fail,” warns Vonguru. Vesta Teleradiology continues to improve every day by investing in futuristic technology while staying focused on its mission to make life better for clients and their patients. “The key is to strike a balance and at the same time, setting the right set of expectations so that when things do not go the way as expected, the impact is contained,” advises Vonguru. Talking about tech-enabling, when companies offer services based on cutting edge technologies, it’s normal to be afraid of things going wrong. But this fear could result in the company never taking off.

Wrapping it up,

Cost-effective telemedicine is what Vesta Teleradiology is focusing on right now – apparently the need of the hour. This is one of the reasons why Vesta Teleradiology was listed as Florida’s outstanding Radiology provider by Acquisitional International and as one of the top 10 telemedicine service companies by Healthcare Tech magazine.

Company: Vesta TeleRadiology


Management: Vijay Vonguru, CEO

Founded Year: 2006

Headquarters: Lake Mary, Florida

Description: Vesta Teleradiology is a comprehensive physician group providing high quality interpretations remotely and onsite in Radiology, Cardiology, Neurology, Pulmonology and other specialties. Vesta Teleradiology partners with various AI companies to enhance the quality of the interpretations.

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