Telios Care: Telemedicine- Healthcare in your Pocket
Philip Choban, CEO and Co-founder, Telios Care

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Telemedicine- Healthcare in your Pocket

“Entrepreneurial blood has always run in my veins,” says Philip Choban, CEO of Telios Care SA. Telios Care is a telehealth platform that connects patients with healthcare professionals. Patients can get a diagnosis and treatment options within 30 minutes. After working as an accountant and then an investment banker for a few years, Philip realized that working for somebody else was not his cup of tea. Hence, his entrepreneurial career was born. Philip’s entrepreneurial family history and unwavering commitment have led Telios Care to be the number one telemedicine and healthy lifestyle company in Romania. Philip and his team at Telios Care believe that all people should have equal access to healthcare, lifestyle education, and mental well-being.

Born out of Necessity

In 2005, Philip’s wife Carmen was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Philip had to retire and devote his time to her care. He decided to move back to Romania as the cost of care was immense, he became her full-time caregiver. “When we needed a doctor, it was impossible to take her to a clinic because of agitation and non-recognition,” says Philip. Thankfully, Philip’s best friend in Romania is an MD, so all he had to do was pick up the phone and he could get any issues related to his wife’s dementia resolved. After his wife’s death, he realized how simple this was for him and how difficult it must be for others to get a medical consultation when there are physical, logistical, or financial constraints. He sought to build a platform to help such people.

Telemedicine will be Mainstream

“Fortunately and unfortunately the COVID-19 period has been a boom for telehealth and telemedicine,” says Philip. The awareness of telemedicine has moved forward ten years in the last six months because of the pandemic. Medicare and Medicaid are now covering telehealth appointments. This would not have happened as quickly were it not for COVID-19.  “Ten years from now, telemedicine will be in the mainstream and as common as going to Urgent Care or ER but with a fraction of the costs involved,” says Philip.

Making the World a Better Place

As an off-shoot of Telios, Philip and his team have begun a non-profit association in Romania called Vision2020 that is devoted to Virtual Healthcare and education to the vulnerable groups in Romania. As a part of this project, Casa Ioana, a home for disadvantaged mothers and their children was initiated. Philip is also one of two Certified Dementia Care Specialists in Europe in association with Healthcare Interactive in the USA. “This is giving me the opportunity to teach others how to take care of people with Dementia and make their lives more fulfilled and rewarding,” he says. One of Philip’s most rewarding experiences is being the Ambassador for HEART (Health Education And Research Talks) which is an association of medical students. ”Being able to advise and mentor the very best minds of this generation is such a privilege,” he adds.

Balance is Key

Telios Care and Vision 2020 are a culmination of years of trying to find himself and trying many different things, some successful and some not. “Taking these combined experiences and utilizing what I learned is the most rewarding time of my life,” he says. A healthy work-life or life-work balance is always difficult to maintain. He owes it all to his current life-partner Corina who keeps him balanced. He considers himself blessed twice with partners that understand and motivate him. Corina is also a Certified Dementia Care Specialist and supports Philip’s quest to educate about Dementia. Telios Care is currently operating in Romania and Bulgaria and will soon be in Poland and Hungary with plans to expand throughout Eastern Europe over the next five years.

Company: Telios Care


Management: Philip Choban, CEO and Co-founder

Founded Year: 2017

Headquarters: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Description: Bringing digital healthcare to Eastern Europe without boundaries or borders

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