New-Gen Cybersecurity Ensured

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New-Gen Cybersecurity Ensured

With rapidly changing customer behavior, businesses today are reinventing their offerings to keep up with the digital pace. New waves of innovation are emerging across industries. Companies are injecting technology disruptors like AI and Big Data into their solutions to obtain precise prediction on customer behavior. In the meantime, they still struggle to protect their customer data from cyber and network attacks and threats. “Traditional cybersecurity technologies only focus on real-time attacks discovery basing on signature malwares; it is a little behind in uncovering new malware or unprecedented incursions,” opines Nguyen Minh Duc, Founder and CEO, CyRadar. This is where CyRadar comes in. As a next-gen security solutions provider, CyRadar is a pioneer in developing network attack prevention and detection system using Big Data Analysis, AI, and Machine Learning. “Driven by new technologies, we solve information security problems which traditional solutions cannot address.”

Instead of each product applying AI in a discrete way, CyRadar has a common AI-driven platform that makes the “brain” for various solutions to combine with each other’s. Whether it is a specific product running on a dependent computer (CyRadar Endpoint Detection & Response), located at the gateway (CyRadar Internet Shield) or constantly monitoring all system (CyRadar Advanced Threat Detection), they all share a common ground on AI. Through a step by step process, they address a particular issue by learning machines such as abnormal detecting in network connections, analyzing website content to identify phishing pages, assessing a strange file to see if it is malicious or not, and even predicting new sources of attacks.

All of CyRadar’s products are made by Vietnamese experts with lots of research on cybersecurity issues in Asia so that they are definitely suitable for enterprises and groups in Vietnam as well as Asian countries. CyRadar’s Advanced Threat Detection is the very first solution for advanced persistent threat in Vietnam. Being parallel with the corporate network, it copies a network traffic log and analyzes so it does not take up bandwidth and ensures uninterrupted network traffic. CyRadar Internet Shield is another solution that effectively blocks Email, Web, and DNS attacks. Behind this advanced shield is an intelligent, advanced data acquisition, and automation system based on new AI technologies, Machine Learning, and Big Data that enables it to constantly collect and analyze domain names, URLs and malicious files that keeps CyRadar Internet Shield up to date. Moreover, to minimize malware attacks, CyRadar constantly monitors, early detects, and then offers full investigation about attacks, new APTs, fileless threats or any unrecorded malware types through its Endpoint Detection & Response or EDR system.

For both web and mobile application and network penetration testing, CyRadar’s Comprehensive Vulnerability and Penetration Testing service ensures potential weaknesses determination to reduce security risks and give out support and instructions on how to fix the vulnerabilities and resolve problems after tests for clients all over the world. For instance, “we are in charge of observing and detecting advanced threats aim at PCs of a joint venture bank then give alerts and co-work with its security staff to completely remove malwares. At the same time, our penetration testers continuously looking for potential weaknesses, security risks, and vulnerabilities to consult and resolve,” says Nguyen. All of CyRadar products are deployed in more than 20 corporations and groups, covering key industries like Finance, Telecom, Manufacture, and Government in Vietnam. At the moment, they offer full service called SOC for a leading consumer group in Vietnam which won the 7th position in Top 50 most valued brands in Vietnam. “Our experts present onsite to monitor log files, analysis, investigate, and prevent any cyberattacks to a customer’s system.” Moreover, they offer free of charge security training courses and free trial products with full services for Vietnamese to change their perception on cybersecurity.

Besides understanding Asia’s cybersecurity environment, they have made numerous efforts to learn about features of other areas in the world which helps CyRadar to go global in the foreseeable future. “Providing a range of comprehensive security solutions from Endpoint, Network to Gateway, we intend to stay focused on a principle that applies and takes advantages of new technology to help individuals and organizations protect their customer data at all times,” ends Nguyen.


Company: CyRadar


Management: Nguyen Minh Duc, Founder & CEO

Founded Year: 2015

Headquarters: Hanoi, Vietnam

Description: A pioneer in developing network attack prevention and detection system using Big Data Analysis, AI, and Machine Learning.

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