Top GovTech Trends Revealed for 2021

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The year 2021 has come up with a wide array of changes for the entire world. The government is also moving up front to bring a viable change for their citizens. The major aspects that will be kept on the radar this year are citizen digital identity, multichannel citizen engagement, and adaptive security. Summarized tech trends that will be introduced by the government are digitally empowered workforce, augmented intelligence, and incorporation of analytics in every business sector. These technologies have the potential of transforming public services.

The agenda of the government is to introduce efficiency to the business process by reducing the cost. In the upcoming future, the government will be considering technology as their biggest policy. Almost all government services offered by any type of government authority will be backed up by technologies. Most of us consider a downfall only in the business sector due to ill implementation of technology, but the same applies to the government services too.

The major technologies implemented governmental policies to transform the social world are adaptive security to reinforce trust and security over cyber threats, citizen digital identity to prove one’s identity via governmental channels avoiding any change of forgery.

Other technological changes that will be bringing major changes in business sectors are digital product management, anything-as-a-service (XaaS), shared services 2.0, digitally empowered workforce, augmented intelligence, and analytics everywhere.

Among all these augmented intelligence is going to be the biggest weapon changing the corporate sector. It is a great combination of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. In this model, human-centered prototypes of people are combined with the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency of human resource and their performance.

Another technology that can make a major impact on working professionals is a digitally empowered workforce. This technology is not oriented for any corporate sector; rather it is for the betterment of the workforce giving them work satisfaction and perks to retain them for a longer duration.

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