Arcanna.AI : The Ultimate Human-AI Partnership in Cybersecurity

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Arcanna.AI : The Ultimate Human-AI Partnership in Cybersecurity

Peter Ruta was born in Romania during the era of communism and spent his formative years near the seaside before attending Military School in the area. With a keen interest in technology, he went on to secure several key roles in the industry, including positions at Vodafone and Cisco, where he honed his skills over a period of 13 years. In 2015, he decided to pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations and founded Siscale AI INC. This eventually led to the development of Arcanna AI in 2019, with the support of a talented and knowledgeable team. Throughout his career, Peter has been recognized for his analytical mind, which allows him to easily understand complex situations and translate them into practical solutions. He is known to be professional, results-oriented, and effective, with an unwavering sense of hope.

Peter Ruta, the founder and CEO of, is revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry with his platform that delivers decision intelligence. With his keen analytical mind and broad expertise in technical and social systems, Peter has become a successful entrepreneur. In an exclusive interview, he shares his insights on an array of topics.

Conception of Arcanna

The creation of Arcanna was driven by a critical observation made by its founder, Peter Ruta. Despite the ever-increasing number of cyber-attacks, most businesses are only able to focus on a mere 15% of them, leaving them vulnerable to potential breaches. This is compounded by a severe shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals, with over 3 million jobs currently unfilled. Moreover, the use of multiple vendors and tools has only made matters worse, leading to burnout, turnover, and reduced effectiveness. According to Peter, this is the harsh reality of the current state of technology, which will persist unless a revolutionary approach is adopted. He maintains that the best strategy involves combining AI technologies with cybersecurity solutions, creating a powerful Human-AI partnership that will enhance the capabilities of security experts.

AI solution providers – Challenges galore

The challenges faced by AI solution providers are manifold. From trust issues to limitations, privacy concerns, bias, and scarce data, there are numerous obstacles to overcome. However, these challenges were all taken into account during the inception of, even before the pandemic hit. According to Peter, the platform was designed with these challenges in mind, but it wasn’t until the pandemic struck that the issue of expert burnout became more pronounced. The fatigue generated by the pandemic has only exacerbated the problem, but with the integration of AI, Arcanna is providing a solution that can help address this issue. By leveraging AI technology, Arcanna is able to offer decision intelligence that reduces the workload for cybersecurity experts and enhances their efficacy. In doing so, the platform is revolutionizing the way businesses approach cybersecurity, ensuring that they are better equipped to deal with the evolving threat landscape.

Arcanna AI solutions

Arcanna AI is a cutting-edge platform designed to streamline and enhance the cybersecurity decision-making process. Its primary objective is to address the fatigue and capacity problems experienced by SOC experts by augmenting their decisions on top of existing tools such as SIEM, SOAR, XDR, and more. Unlike other solutions, Arcanna uses AI to mimic the human decision-making process, learning from the data presented to SOC tools and predicting future decisions without introducing additional UI or requiring any code. This approach reduces response times and enables SOC experts to operate with greater efficiency and accuracy.

To achieve this, leverages a proprietary method (IPR) for integrating expert knowledge that combines Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and a Continuous Human Feedback Loop (pat.pend.) Several world-leading private and governmental entities in the cybersecurity industry have already begun utilizing this method, which has been proven to effectively address current and future attack volumes.

Leadership traits

“Developing resilience and confidence in your beliefs is critical to leadership. If you set up your values and principles and believe in them, don’t let them change. A rollercoaster ride of success and failure is all part of the journey. And let’s not forget the significance of building relationships – ‘human’ is a word that means so much, yet we tend to overlook it when it comes to building successful organizations.” – Peter Ruta, founder and CEO of Arcanna AI.

Artificial Intelligence- The Future

“As we look to the future, it’s important to be willing to swim against the tide and stay focused on the value that AI can bring to our clients. In today’s social environment, there are many misconceptions about AI, and it’s our responsibility as a startup to educate the market and industries about its enormous potential.”





FOUNDED:  2019


 Peter is a Romanian-born entrepreneur and technology expert with over 13 years of experience in the industry. His interest in technology was sparked after following a military path, and he went on to secure key jobs in prominent tech companies such as Cisco. In 2015, Peter decided to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship and founded Siscale AI INC. He then went on to develop Arcanna AI, a product that leverages the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients. Alongside his highly knowledgeable team, Peter has successfully grown Siscale AI into a thriving company with a strong reputation for innovation and excellence. Throughout his career, Peter has been recognized for his inquisitive, analytical mind and his ability to grasp complex situations quickly. He is known for his professionalism, results-oriented approach, and unwavering determination in the face of challenges. Peter is a natural leader who inspires his team to achieve their full potential and never loses sight of his goals.

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