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Applications of environmental biotechnology

Applications of environmental biotechnology

Applications of environmental biotechnology

Technological growth has given a new world to live and every single folk is enjoying the rapid advancements and its applications but somewhere we are ignoring the after effects of such developments. Most the adverse effects of technological and other developments are noticed on environment. Each successive day, the amount of pollution in the atmosphere is getting doubled. Pollution is not only effecting pollution but also effecting human lives. As a solution, environment biotechnology is emerging as a boon to restore the quality of our environment.

Let’s understand what environmental biotechnology is?

There are certain procedures which are incorporated to retain the environmental quality. This is done by detecting the pollutants and finding best remedies for it. The major that causes pollutions are in three different states, solid liquid and gas. If these substances causing pollution can be resolved then a great difference can be brought in the environment. Environmental biotechnology offers best ways to purify pollutants and recycle it with harmless substances.

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing sectors and it is having a great impact in environmental development and damage healing.

Application of environmental biotechnology:

To sustain the development of life and living being, environmental protection is mandatory. With the continuous growth of population, the consumption of various energy sources are depleting at a fast pace. Hence to secure our world and provide a new source of energy biotechnology has a great role.


Purification of pollutants is a basic need of our globe to survive a healthy life. But the methods used for the purification of pollutants present in the environmental aspects were having adverse effects and were disturbing life in several ways. Biotechnology has given a new and natural method to detoxify the pollutants, such as use of micro-organism for the purification methods, especially for the detoxification of soil, water, and other sediments. Distinct technologies developed for achieving these objectives are termed as bio reclamation, bio treatment, and bio restoration.

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