BioTech In The Sector Of Disease Diagnosis & Its Treatment

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Using a living organism for the improvement or reconstruction of a product is termed as biotechnology. Creation of any animal, plant, and even evolving of any micro-organism is done effectively with the use of biotechnology. In recent days, biotechnology has emerged with a number of advancements in various sectors. Here, we are discussing the amazing achievements of biotechnology in medical sector. Earlier, death rates were really high and the reason was futile disease diagnosing system, but now diagnosing a disease is much easier and appropriate.  With the breakthrough of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) detection has provided a new way to the medical sector. DNA is one of the basic hierarchies which is present in every form of life, right from the bacteria till the giant elephant.

Major innovations in the medical sector are listed below:

Molecular gene cloning:

Cloning word itself refers to replication an object with all its characteristics. In molecular cloning, a molecule is replicated to produce a group of molecules with same DNA. The molecule cloning is done by taking the DNA of objected molecule and then treating it with apt enzymes in a test tube. This results in the generation of DNA fragments which is then combined with trajectory DNA to obtain the desired one. The potential of this biotechnology is that it can be used to develop exponential numbers of a molecule using a single cell.

DNA Sequencing and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR):

In determining a disease in any living being DNA sequencing is done by encoding the molecular biology. Any changes in the genes it can be determined by DNA sequencing and the tool used to achieve this is polymerase chain reaction. PCR is one of the most inexpensive tools which is used for amplifying the sequence or sequences of DNA into billions of replication.

Other amazing biotechnological innovations in the sector of medical science are Veterinary Diagnostic Systems, Veterinary Diagnostic Systems, application of bioinformatics, application of gene therapy, and many more. Each of these technologies have made a drastic change in the field of medical science and has improved the technologies to a greater level.

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