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Impact of COVID-19 on Telemedicine growth

COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting human life and is a biggest threat for humans restricting folks to go to a public place and also social gatherings. At this crucial time, telemedicine has proven itself as one of the biggest weapon to fight against this threat. Demand of telemedicine experienced a sudden shoot drastically. As per studies and predictions the use of telemedicine will grab a seven fold height in upcoming five years. In present stage, our society needs a strong medium to maintain social distancing and medical centers were a place where physical presence of patients was mandatory to get the medical assistance. But telemedicine is giving a pathway to access the medical assistance virtually using technology.

Why telemedicine is gaining popularity?

Telemedicine is offering a number of opportunities which are increasing standard of care. Every day this technology is scaling up its features and serving with much better solutions. Few of the opportunities offered by telemedicine:

User-friendly sensors:

Telemedicine allow the patients to conduct their diagnosis remotely. That means no more physical appearance at the medical care centers. With the help of telemedicine software now tracking health conditions is easier and accurate too.

Artificial intelligence:

The role of artificial intelligence is much crucial which has deployed robotics in the telemedicine. This technology adds ease and accuracy to the medical analysis with medically intelligent tools and devices. This technology has the potential to study and analyze the human body from a far distance using certain platforms.

Big data analytics:

To analyze each patient their medical records is a basic requirement. Big data allow the healthcare specialist to record data online and make accessible from anywhere any time. It also assists you to transfer the data from one place to another in a moment. Deployment of big data made storage of health records forever.

There are many more opportunities offered by telemedicine and it is a boon for today’s world to fight and survive with the best medical assistance.