Tesla also affected due to corona virus

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Indianapolis - Circa April 2017: Tesla Service Center. Tesla designs and manufactures the Model S electric sedan IV

Tesla, one of the biggest and the most renowned name in the technology sector with great innovations transforming the world was latest in talks due to innovation of automated drive cars. This technology gives an option to the driver to set the destination and route, car set the driving skills and techniques based on the routes and also sense driving skills, speed of other cars on the way, and other aspects of roads to make the driving best and safest. For innovate and execute this technology, Tesla used HW3.0 chips which is termed to be the best technology for designing automated cars.

What’s restricting Tesla?

From past few days, Tesla is aging a big topic to talk about among the owners of latest automated drive Tesla cars. In various social media platforms, Tesla car owners were spotted saying their car is designed using HW2.5 chips which is less advanced than HW3.0 chip, and hence makes automated drives risky too.

This is a result of the most dangerous infection spread all over the world in recent days “Corona virus”. Tesla’s biggest chip manufacturing plant is in Shanghai where approx. 3000 folks are report death due to the virus and this has affected the supply of HW3.0 chip.

Solution by Tesla:

Tesla is another name of trust and hence it continues to set that benchmark for every business. Here, to overcome this issue raised by the Tesla vehicle owner’s, Tesla said that the swapping of chips were done to continue the production of cars. Once the threat of corona virus will reach an end, they will enhance the production of HW3.0 chips and serve a replacement of chip for all existing cars running on HW2.5 chips and also further cars will be designed using latest technology only.

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