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Allerguard Journey & solution,  

Shai Hershkovich, CEO, Allerguard
AllerGuard LTD

Allerguard Journey and Solution

The allerguard device is the first airborne detection system that scans your entire plate of food, identifying an allergen in the parts per billion, down the safest allowable amount.

Current technologies are limited and difficult.  People don’t want additional hassle. For allergy sufferers, every social gathering, school trip, or even just to have a pizza with friends is a complex operation that involves detailed preparations from checking that the EpiPen is ready to use to quizzing the waitstaff about ingredients and food preparation.

Current offerings do little to improve the experience. The last thing allergy sufferers want is to start dissecting their food, taking samples, and then waiting for an analysis as the food gets cold, friends look on, and then secretly hope that the sample represents the whole meal. The main problem with the current allergen detection sensors is that they only detect presence of an allergen in a given sample. At allerguard, our focus is on safety, detection efficiency, and user experience. This means that we always think about how the user will experience the sensor, the app, their meal, and the social impact on the sufferer.  We want them to feel as normal as possible when going out to eat.

Transformations in healthcare:

Technology has revolutionized every industry. In healthcare, technology is helping us live longer while leading safer, healthier and more productive lives. Driven by the need for a better customer experience, healthcare is experiencing a fundamental shift from volume to value of care while redefining customer experiences and engagement.

The healthcare environment is becoming more distributed and complex. To adapt, companies will need to embrace open systems that allow for sophisticated analysis of multiple streams of data and the development of customer-centric services.

We will see it in many fields, including Telemedicine, where technology will empower patients in even the most remote locations of the world to access quality healthcare and receive life-saving diagnoses. It will give anyone access to the best healthcare at any time.

In addition, AR and VR will take a dramatic role in this transformation.  In the not-so-distant future we will see, literally, 3D reconstructions of organs in motion and Alzheimer’s patients will be able to retrieve memories by returning them to a time, experience, or sound that was important to them in the past.

I predict that in addition to AR and VR, AI technologies with the ability to process big amounts of data, together with constantly improving image recognition functions, will be utilized to enhance diagnostics, with particularly good results emerging from tests that use deep learning algorithms for advancing medical analysis. Today, AI-based image recognition diagnostic devices are already used to diagnose dermatological and optical deviations and other diseases which cause appearance changes.

Allerguard technology is an example how using AI and advanced materials and nanotechnology can improve the lives of millions, making patients more comfortable in their day-to-day lives and be less conscience of their medical condition.


Memorable moments of success and fear of failure

Allerguard has some successful moments – when we achieved the innovation in digital health award and when the technology was proven to work in testing scenarios, stand out.

Running a business is very similar to professional sports. Success is not measured by moments, events, or by what you’ve achieved. Being successful means maximizing your training so you can respond with your best possible effort when things don’t go as planned. Things are always hard when you run your own business and you can always fail. Anyone has memorable moments when they achieve recognition or when someone gives them positive feedback. There is a window of opportunity that opens for you to be a better person, a better entrepreneur, and a better business person. That window is available for you when you are truly ready to confront your weak spots – when all the ways are blocked, when people are turning their backs on you, and when you believe that the story ends for you. That moment is precious, not when people you don’t know applaud.

Shai Hershkovich

Company: Allerguard


Management: Shai Hershkovich, CEO

Founded Year: 2017

Headquarters: Tel Aviv

Description: Allerguard brings a new concept for food allergens detection by using nanotechnology and machine-learning technologies.