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As the word defines, DevOps defines a compound of development(Dev) and operations(Ops), DevOps is the process of mixing people, process, and technology to offer value to customers.

DevOps culture is adopted by organizations to coordinate and collaborate to produce better and more reliable products. The teams have gained the ability to respond to customer requirements in a better way by practicing DevOps practices and tools. In this way, the organizations have increased confidence in the applications and achieve business goals.

Several DevOps Practices

Continuous Integration 

A software development practice where developers regularly merge the changes in codes into a repository after which the automated builds and tests are run is referred to as Continuous Integration. It primarily aims at improving the software quality and reducing the time for the validation and release of new software updates.

On-time Delivery

During the development of software development, continuous delivery is a practice where code changes are built automatically, tested, and then prepared for a release. The deployment of code changes to a testing environment and or production environment after the build stage expands upon continuous integration.

Logging and Monitoring 

To see how the application and infrastructure impact the complete experience of the product’s end-user, the organizations monitor metrics and logs. Organizations try to understand how the changes have impacted the users by capturing, categorizing, and analyzing the data.


The microservice architecture is a design used to build a single application as a set of small services. Utilizing a well-defined interface, each service runs its process and communicates with other services through a well-defined infrastructure. You can use different frameworks or programming languages, to deploy them as a single service or group of services.

Infrastructure as Code 

A practice in which infrastructure is provisioned and managed using code and software development techniques such as version control and continuous integration is referred to as Infrastructure as code. This cloud-driven model enables developers and system administrators to interact with infrastructure pragmatically.

Henceforth after going through the different DevOps practices, you can utilize DevOps to automate tools, help teams manage complex environments, and keep organizations updated.