Creating a Digitalized Space for Legal Entities
Martí Manent, Founder and CEO, elAbogado

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Creating a Digitalized Space for Legal Entities

Martí Manent’s, unparalleled experience in the digital business especially in the legal domain has helped him create a niche for himself. He has served in various capacities including being Data Protection Officer (DPO) GDPR and General Counsel for several digital companies. Marti has an LLM degree from the Instituto de Empresa (Madrid) and has founded many businesses. He also founded elAbogado, a leading marketplace of lawyers in Spain and for the native speakers. In an interview he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of elAbogado

elAbogado is touted as the largest directory of lawyers in Spain that manages thousands of cases every week. The firm established in 1998, aims at helping people who need an attorney by contacting them with a specialist for their respective case. Says Marti, “Our mission is to help more and more people find the lawyer they need. The Advocate facilitates access to justice by getting the best lawyer to each person with a legal need. We achieve this by adding innovation, technology, commitment, talent, and work. We have already helped more than 800,000 people find a lawyer. On average, every week we connect with more than 3,000 people with a specialist lawyer for their cases.”

Pondering over the situation in which the firm was established, Marti notes that the legal system (technically understood as the place where clients and lawyers meet) was highly inefficient. “With the state-of-the-art technology, we realized we had the capabilities of helping both the parties. While for lawyers it is very important to generate more income, with new customers, for customers, it becomes pivotal by finding the right lawyers. We can help both the parties achieve what they need with our technology thus elAbogado was born.”

Technologies Developed by elAbogado

Since elAbogado manages thousands of customers, in house technologies were evolved over the years. Lead Instant Qualifier System (LIQS™) is a proprietary artificial intelligence technology, developed by the firm’s team of engineers and doctors, to be able to qualify potential customers instantly. This technology helps the firm understand if a request from a potential client is viable or not in milliseconds.

“Smart Lead Automated Bidding (SLAB™) is yet another proprietary technology, that serves for the calculation and management of the bids that lawyers make on our platform when they want to obtain potential clients.”

Challenges Galore

Noting that post Covid has created a situation wherein internet has become the most common platform for potential clients to look for lawyers, Marti observes that elAbogado offers the best solution for the same. “Thanks to our proprietary technology LIQS(™) Lead Instant Qualifier System, lawyers that use our marketplace can have better leads and generate more customers.”

Future Growth

2020 witnessed growth accelerated by technological adoption by users and lawyers. With the confinement and the pandemic, the use of elAbogado by the people who seek a lawyer and the lawyers who offer their services is accelerating, observes Marti. In 2021, the firm was selected as one of the few legaltech companies worldwide in the use of big data in law.

Leadership Traits

“As a serial entrepreneur I have the ability to manage limited resources. This enables me to work with my team as a commando and achieve amazing results in a limited time and with limited resources.”

Words of Advice

“The fear of failure is sometimes the fear of what others will say. Once you understand this, it is easier to work focused on your projects and learn from failure instead of being afraid of failure.

I recommend the book ‘The Lean Startup’ to understand this concept.”

Future of Legaltech

Considering that legaltech is now part of the legal industry, Marti adds that legal startups with a value proposition will be potential partners for lawyers. “That is one of the major reasons why legaltech is growing fast. This is the real time to zero in on the situation and build relationships with lawyers, law firms, institutions, and investors.”

Success Mantras

“I understood that to follow your passion and work hard on it, is a gift. If you can convert your passion into a business that provides you with your income it will be amazing. But it is very important to understand that your family and friends are the best things that you can have.”

Company: elAbogado


Management:  Martí Manent, Founder and CEO

Founded Year: 2010

Headquarters:  Barcelona, Spain

Description: is one of the largest attorney and law firms directories.

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