Adviise: The ‘Expedia’ of Healthcare
Alexi Alizadeh, CEO, Adviise

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The ‘Expedia’ of Healthcare

“Everyone has something different to offer. When you allow people to express and find themselves, you enable them to bring their best,” says Alexi Alizadeh, CEO of AdviiseAdviise is a game-changing telemedicine platform that allows patients to research healthcare providers and book appointments in real-time. Alizadeh leads by example. Through impactful determination, she has created a platform that simplifies healthcare and makes patient’s lives easier. With Adviise, patients don’t need to struggle with the perils of a broken system. Anyone can seamlessly book appointments, without having to make endless phone calls. Alizadeh has made this possible by harnessing her team’s efforts and thoughtfully steering them in the right direction. Her encouraging personality is the foundation for her strong team at Adviise. “We have a team of winners which keep us propelling ahead, even in times of uncertainty,” she states proudly.

Transcending Barriers

Frustrated with the existing inconsistencies, making endless phone calls, spending hours in waiting rooms, and last-minute appointment cancellations or postponements, Alizadeh sought to build a system to transcend these barriers. “We wanted patients to be able to schedule and be seen on one platform, so we developed our telemedicine calendar and appointments,” she says. Adviise is the Expedia of healthcare. Through the platform, patients can be empowered with information on healthcare providers and make more informed choices when booking appointments. Adviise securely sends patient information to the healthcare practice and periodically updates patients through text messages. Adviise also has its own hosted telemedicine platform, so patients can both schedule and be seen in one place.

TeleMedicine – The Game Changer

Telemedicine has pivoted from unconventional to normalized in just a few months, mainly due to COVID-19. With this shift from in-person to virtual visits, Adviise needed to realign its priorities. A set of telemedicine features was added and a separate calendar for each profile allowed appointment scheduling for virtual visits. “I believe telemedicine is here to stay,” Alizadeh says. Telemedicine is replacing many in-person visits, and may do so for a while.

So far, we have seen good outcomes because patients receive dedicated time with healthcare providers, without distractions. A major challenge of adopting this new technology is that most insurance providers do not consider telemedicine to be equal to in-person appointments. Payers must update their fee schedules to reflect this. The way providers are compensated for telemedicine visits must be standardized.

An 18-Month-Old Inspiration

As a female entrepreneur, Alizadeh strives to set an example for her 18-month-old daughter, whom she fondly calls her inspiration. While working Alizadeh often thinks about her daughter, Alizadeh wants her to know that if there is a problem to be solved or an opportunity in the market, there is a way to create something to make peoples’ lives easier. The fear of failure is inevitable when you are a leader regardless of industry. “If you focus too much on the destination and not enough on the journey, you will be disappointed in your progress,” says Alizadeh. Keep in mind that the journey is the reward, and take learning in stride, and you will overcome the fear of failure. For upcoming entrepreneurs, Alizadeh has some advice, believe in your product and mission, or no one else will. “The moment you give up, that subconsciously becomes apparent and is reflected in the execution of your product,” she adds. Adviise continues to work on automating healthcare providers’ scheduling and visits. It hopes to increase the quality of care for the patients and enhance the efficiency of healthcare providers.

Company: Adviise


Management: Alexi Alizadeh, CEO

Founded Year: 2019

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Description: Adviise is a location-based online platform for patients to compare providers, book appointments, and host telemedicine sessions.

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