CompuGroup Medical: Connect and Care
Benedikt Brueckle CEO, CompuGroup Medical

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Connect and Care

For Benedikt Brueckle, “Know Your Customer” is not just a procedure to assess and monitor customer risk. Simply put, it is to understand the needs of the customers by interacting and building a relationship with them. Brueckle believes knowing your customers and being persistent in doing that are the two core principles of organizational success. Being a technology expert and strategic leader, he embraces this principle to steer CompuGroup Medical US with the mission to improve health and the quality of life. CompuGroup is a global eHealth provider that design a portfolio of cutting-edge IT solutions.

The Pain of Interoperability

Brueckle identifies the core issue persisting in the healthcare industry as interoperability. Today’s healthcare providers are constantly challenged with the critical issue of collect data from across the care continuum. “There are more than 1,000 vendors that could each have a small piece of someone’s medical history and the major issue is to bring this all together to one Personal Health Record,” notes Brueckle. CompuGroup makes this possible by connecting all major entities of the care continuum.

Brueckle feels preventive care blended with predictive technology as the future of healthcare.

“A person’s health is their most valuable possession. With intelligent IT, we help preserve it.” Brueckle is serious of the quality of care delivered by healthcare providers. He and his team aim at developing a network of synchronized actors with the patient in its center. “Large parts of the healthcare sector rely on us doing our job and drive synchronization and digitalization in healthcare.”

Bridge the Gap

“No one should suffer or even die just because medical information is missing somewhere at some point,” says Brueckle. To prevent this, CompuGroup connects physicians, pharmacies, health insurances, laboratories, rehab and care facilities, and hospitals to help them optimally treat people. “We work with the healthcare providers to get patients involved and provide them with their personal medical data electronically, both in a holistic and secure manner. We also encourage communication in the healthcare sector and ensure that costs are kept low.”

Moreover, the company delivers a tele-heath solution to immobilized patients and those in rural areas so they get access to the best possible healthcare available. “To serve our customers to the fullest and help them serve their patients, we employ the brightest and most innovative minds in the industry. With a series of unique and patented technologies, like one of the most secure data encryptions algorithms in the market, our offerings are made unique and outstanding.”

Fail to Succeed

With extensive years of professional experience in healthcare and financial sectors and training managers, Brueckle believes that failing is a substantial ingredient on the pathway to success. “I only see a manager as complete, if on his path to the top, he also made the experience of failure and then excelled in finding a way out of it,” he concludes.

Company: CompuGroup Medical


Management: Benedikt Brueckle CEO

Founded Year: 1987

Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ

Description: CompuGroup Medical Provides software and communications solutions that assist doctors, dentists, general practitioners, and clinics.

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