Do consumer interaction ways are changing for the retailer, if yes then how?

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Since the pandemic hit the world, almost all business sectors have gone through a noticeable change and the retail sector is not even untouched if this effect. One of the most surprising changes which have transformed the entire retail industry is the way consumers started interacting with the retailers. With the increase in a pandemic situation, the rate of interaction was continuously crawling down and by the end of the year, 2020 17% of customers got shifted from their regular retail stores and opted for other online solutions to satisfy their requirements. Since the past year, a rapid surge in online grocery stores with home delivery options has been noticed.

The regular offline transactions have been decreased by 30% as compared to the year 2019 and the transactions over online channels have been taken a spike of 57%. Several engagement models emerged in the current year with various online shopping features, and these models are going to have a long-lasting existence in the market. Most of the customers are willing to continue this shopping model which is giving them effective services in the least effort. This up-surging trend is also changing the ways and methodologies of retailers contacting their customers and has made a great difference in the retail sector. The ways used by retailers to communicate with their customers, one of the major ways used by them we have discussed below.

Pocket in the store:

The emergence of an online retail store has helped the stores to wrap their services to a desktop, laptop, or mobile screen and let their customers carry their favorite store within their pockets to use it anytime anywhere. The studies say that a rapid shift of 50% traffic has been seen from offline to online stores. The latest mobile technologies are complimenting in-store capabilities and allowing the retailers to contact and communicate with their customers giving them an offline store experience.

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