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An efficacious government is a cornerstone for developing the country. Also, upheave in citizens expectation has made the government perform well. The potential to meet the needs can be fulfilled by technology in terms of transparency, efficiency, citizen trust, and responsiveness. The approach of modernizing the public sector promotes accessible, simple, and methodical government. Also, the technological approach improves the service delivery, business, and citizens, accountability.

This citizen-centric approach deals with many challenges faced by the government through expansion in online services, a mechanism to get feedback from citizens in real-time, re-engineering, interoperability, simplifying the process of business. Approaches like:

  • Using information as the product that helps in the digital economy and creating jobs. Every transaction which is made online helps to fetch some basic information when these data are transparent and made easily available, it promotes value thereby creating a job and developing services and products. Examples comprise alerting farmers about weather, transportation information, locating medical services, etc.
  • The elementary unit of government technology comprises digital ID, data registries, e-payments, connectivity together backs the economic, social, and financial inclusion. Digital ID is key for payroll management, taxation, paying fees for services. This ID helps in identifying individuals and reduces the administrative load. For the government it will increase efficiency, guaranteed targeting, offer benefits to citizens, and reduce corruption and fraud.

To achieve the aim of modernizing the public sector by technology is possible by proper regulation, coordination across the government. Including artificial intelligence with machine learning too can boost the chance of achieving this modernization by helping in identifying risks, patterns and managing the data. The technology of communicating data in real-time between government and citizens via SMS and web portals ensures effective service providing. So by investment in technologies made by the government helps in more efficient administration of citizens and the public by keeping it transparent, closer, and also optimized.

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