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Technologies used in Telemedicine

Technological growth is witnessed in every single sector of today’s world. Either you pick a business sector or the life of a common folk, technology has surrounded us from every possible vertexes. Most of the technological use has been made for the better life style but telemedicine is the only sector where technology has been incorporated to save lives of several people. There are a number of locations all across the world which is not well connected with medical facilities. In past decades, you can observe from the studies that most of the deaths in remote areas are due to lack of accurate medical facility at required time. As a solution, telemedicine is giving an opportunity to every single folk on this world to connect with the best practitioners and get the best treatment regardless of the location they live or time they need to connect with a medical expert. To develop such an amazing miracle in the medical sector, a number of technologies have made a huge contribution. To know more about technologies used in telemedicine, continue reading.

Technologies involved in telemedicine are listed below:


It is a one stop solution for real time communication, available in web based and mobile applications. This technology uses simple techniques to place an uninterrupted communication channel. With the help of webrtc solution, a person can create a personalized space to connect with another folk sharing the same platform via web or mobile interface.

Electronic health records:

This application is used to store data about a person’s personal detail and past medical history. This technology gives a digital version of patient’s paper record which can be retrieved from any place using authentic credentials. Hence, carrying health records are easier and accessible from any location now.

Cloud based solution:

When it comes to a remote healthcare assistance, the biggest question in front of experts is to store, manage, and exchange data with an effective communication channel. As a solution cloud based communication channels serves all the above mention facilities to improve telemedicine all across the world.