CoreHealth Technologies: Powering Up Preventive Health And Wellness
Anne Marie Kirby CEO, CoreHealth Technologies

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Powering Up Preventive Health And Wellness

Little did Anne Marie Kirby know that her “one-track mind” would contribute greatly to her entrepreneurial success. With a focused approach, she used “prevention” as an underrated solution to all medical problems. “Prevention could save billions of taxpayer dollars when people take the personal initiative and have the right programs at their disposal to make the best decisions regarding their health. “Our Wellness Platform enables the creation and delivery of preventive health programs,” says Anne Marie, Founder & CEO, CoreHealth Technologies.

In an effort to thwart the growth and burden of Non-Communicable Diseases or NCDs, Anne Marie’s company wants to reverse the trend through prevention. “Two-thirds of all deaths in the world can be attributed to NCDs, however, these chronic diseases are highly preventable. Unfortunately, the biggest challenge is that prevention is not very profitable,” notes Anne Marie. As a technologist with over two decades of combined preventive health and hospital information system experience, Anne Marie and her team developed a comprehensive wellness platform that simplifies and accelerates the delivery of corporate wellness programs. “We help preventive health providers such as corporate wellness companies, insurers, health systems, and third-party organizations to develop and deliver their programs, targeted at improving employee health and productivity, while reducing costs, claims and work disability duration at employer client sites.”

Poor Health Inspires Preventive Action

In the mid-90’s, Anne Marie suffered from an immune system disorder that was triggered by undiagnosed food allergies. After facing personal health challenges, she realized there was a need for better preventative health solutions to help people improve their overall well-being. This inspired her to start CoreHealth and use her expertise as a software engineer to write a software program to track and analyze food ingredients.

As an all-in-one wellbeing management platform, CoreHealth enables providers to power and track health assessments, biometrics, text and video-based content, education, wellness challenges, self-help programs, social networking, coach facilitation, incentives and surveys while inspiring participants to have fun while taking control of their health. Moreover, they offer a comprehensive selection of out-of-the-box wellness challenges, lifestyle questionnaires and digital coaching programs along with a ready-to-use Wellbeing123 program to get customers up and running fast.

They also have a large wellness network of best-in-class, third-party partners and innovations that can be seamlessly added to the platform and tailored to each client portal, with unlimited configurability and design options. For customers that want to go deep into wellness programming, with the right in-house resources, they have access to CoreHealth’s code so they can customize the platform to create unique differentiators giving them the edge to grow their business and revenue.

Health Systems Empower Local Business to Inspire Wellbeing

A lot of forward-thinking healthcare companies are looking to expand their services into the community, including local workplaces which is a great start. CoreHealth’s platform is the technology behind the preventive health and wellness programs provided by Hamilton Health Care System and MercyCare Business Health Solutions to local businesses which is a win-win for everyone since these health systems are a fixture in the community already with the resources to deliver.

While CoreHealth may be experiencing impressive growth in recent years, Anne Marie is never one to let grass grow under her feet. She and her team are always working to lead the technology curve and try new things. “For every new idea, I get creative and look for different approaches.” Today, the company is pioneering a new approach to employee health, engagement and productivity through a holistic, person-centric health model called the Complete Health Program (CHP). CHP addresses all facets of employee wellbeing in one integrated program that includes initiatives such as: wellness, disease prevention and engagement. It enables insurers, brokers and wellness providers alike to offer a value-add strategic service beyond traditional health insurance and wellness programs. CoreHealth anticipates that CHP will enable providers to revolutionize employee health, engagement and productivity, “as we are here to power up preventive health and wellness programs for people everywhere,” Anne Marie says.

Company: CoreHealth Technologies


Management: Anne Marie Kirby, Founder & CEO

Founded Year: 2004

Headquarters: Kelowna, British Columbia

Description: CoreHealth is a total well-being technology company trusted by global wellness providers to maximize health, engagement and productivity for 3+ million employees worldwide.

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