Future of drone technology in defense

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Drones have got several names in the present technological era, such as a mini flying robot, unnamed aerial vehicles, mini pilotless aircraft, and more. Regardless of the name you call it, the drones are powering up very rapidly taking over most of the business industries. The defense is known to be untouched by most of the IT solutions but drones are the only element that has made strong and irreplaceable importance in the defense sector. The adoption of drone technology has not achieved a mass quantity but it has started transforming the traditional rigid solutions making it more technological.

History of drone technology:

The emergence of drone technology is dated back to two decades but the idea of drones or their commencement can be dated to world war1. The masterminds behind these unnamed aerial vehicles were from the U.S. and France.  But at that time this technology didn’t gain much popularity, but the significance of these drones has been noticed in recent years.

Drones in the defense sector:

As per the recent study conducted over the worldwide drone usage, it has been depicted that approx. 70% of overall usage of drone technology has been done by the defense and law enforcement sectors. A rapidly growing demand has been seen in the sector objecting to a higher rate of precision in monitoring, security, and payload deliveries.

The drone technology is only a flying robot but has incorporated with multiple other technologies making these aircrafts much significant, such as 3D image capturing, augmented reality, cognitive tools, and many more. The major purpose of incorporating drone technologies into the defense sector is enhancing security, safety, surveillance, and also privacy. As per research, it is estimated that the global market of drone technology will rise by $70 billion by next year from which approx. $4 million can be estimated from the defense sector.

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